Monday, August 31, 2015

What does the return to normal mean?

My guess is that about 50 percent of the human cognitive and emotional function is inherited, that is genetically determined, and 50 percent is learned through nurture and the culture. We are not born tabula rasa, with blank emotions and a blank mind. 

I define human nature the way some sociobiologists define human nature, that is, human nature includes kin-selection preferences, incest taboos, marriage, hierarchy, division of labor, gender differentiation, localism, ethnocentrism, and with group-selection as the main unit of selection.

If a culture proposes to not include these elements of human nature, the culture does not last long and eventually returns to these things. These things also happen to be at the core of conservatism and tradition, whereas many of these traits are missing in, say, communism, post-modernism, hedonistic modern liberalism, and marauding global capitalism.

So this suggests that we are existing under abnormal living conditions and even a time of emergency. If we wish to survive, yet alone prosper, we need to return to human nature and to the cultural conditions that reflect real human nature. It is as if the laws of causality have been blocked. 

The return to normal means the return to kin-centered and ethnic-centered cultures. But this return to normal need not mean radical revolution, or radical counter-revolution, because ethnopluralism, the 50-state and regional solution, can be accommodated by the separation of powers and states in the original U.S. Constitution, along with normal economic nationalism---protected internally and externally by a light federalism.

This could bring the return to normal human cognitive and emotional functioning, normal human nature, normal human cultural conditions, and normal human health. Who wouldn't want that?
Apparently those who benefit from the great lie.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Why the capitalist world is not wise about its own future

Supposedly the capitalist world cares primarily (often only) for making money, and now most of the capitalist world supports such modern liberal causes as gay marriage, border-freedom, tax-free exports/imports, no censorship, etc, etc, because these things are now supported by future customers between the ages of 18 and 34. But since these liberal causes do ultimately destroy the societies and nations which the capitalist world wants to do business with, one would think the concern with making money in the long-term would reject modern liberal causes and support a more long-term conservative order. But the hyper-individualist libertarian philosophy supports or rationalizes this short-term thinking.

So we can conclude that the capitalist world is short-term thinking and unwise about its own future. Individualism is important and can be very creative, but group-selection is and always has been the primary unit of human selection. Even the billionaire needs the group and a healthy nation to survive and prosper---certainly his descendants will in the long-term. “Duty” toward the people and the nation is directly related to group-selection, so it makes trans-valued sense that the libertarian Randians hate the concept of duty and worship selfish individualism. This is a major mistake which has led to the selfish, marauding, imperial sort of globalism we now see. The end-goal of successful survival for the group, including the individual, determines the means of duty and group-morality, which both Kant's duty-as-no-reward-thinking, and Ayn Rand's hyper-individualistic selfishness seem to have missed.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Evolving Beauty

Thomas Fleming (Chronicles, June 2015) wrote of how Marxist teachers and Misesians libertarians, who preach that art is merely subjective, and that beauty is only in the eye of the beholder, will still turn their heads to watch a pretty girl go by. But then good conservatives eventually depart from that glimpse of truth and beauty in art and abandon the physical, the material, as they define the highest beauty, truth, and God, as non-material and spiritual.

It is the living material object which evolves toward the living supermaterial objects of Godhood on an evolutionary material and supermaterial continuum. A Great Spiritual Blockade is put up by traditional religion and philosophy where both beauty and truth depart from the real world.

The beauty of the girl mentioned above can be expanded in understanding beauty moving toward the zenith of beauty and truth reached in Godhood by way of the evolution of life from the ugly to the beautiful. Physical desire is made sublime, but not non-material, as the path of material evolution leads toward supermaterial Godhood.

That is how art and truth are defined in theological materialism and the Twofold Path. Evolutionary realism in art seeks to follow this philosophy. The highest art remains the affirmation of the sacred.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Organic intelligence over machine intelligence

The transhumanists are in too much of a hurry to enhance machine intelligence. They claim that they don't want to wait for the slower path of eugenics and selective breeding to enhance overall intelligence, which could take many generations, (unless selection was very strong.) Even genetic engineering and neurobiology are too slow for them. So they want to develop machine intelligence, machine-human melds, and so on, which is vastly faster than developing organic intelligence. The speed of electronic components operate at a time-scale millions of times shorter than biological neurons, as Nick Bostrom has brilliantly pointed out.

Transhumanists rarely mention that eugenics is thoroughly politically incorrect at this time and machine intelligence is easier to sell. But the danger of machine's becoming vastly more intelligent than we are is great---we could be shunted aside as intelligence machines with their own wills to power turn the whole world into solar panels for their own energy use.

I would affirm the full development of genetic technologies, even selecting traits at the level of embryos, gene sequencing, etc, which could give a wider amount of selection power to couples. But I believe we also need to continue the cultural and political affirmation of evolution toward higher organic intelligence, while also selecting traits of health, personalty, beauty and athleticism. This biological path is slower than machine intelligence but more conservative and much safer than machine intelligence. Machine intelligent can be an aid in human biological evolution but should never be the sole area of advancing evolution.

Readers of this blog know there is the more important religious purpose in affirming the evolution of life toward Godhood, the Godhood first seen only inwardly and symbolically in traditional religions, which is examined in theological materialism. The sacred purpose of life itself is not merely to develop machine intelligence while neglecting or even blocking organic evolution toward real Godhood.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Nature, Truth and Godhood

We start from the base that material existence exists, this is a primordial reality, and it is absurd to reject it. To deny existence is like a monkey believing the world has disappeared when he puts his hands over his eyes. But philosophers have seriously played this game.

“Truth” is not only an abstract concept, truth depends on nature's existence or on life to see it or define it. It is the objects of nature that are defined as truth. Without existence and nature, truth is not fully defined.

But the reality of nature exists whether we see it or understand it or not. We perceive reality with our senses, as other animals do, but then humans developed reason, logic, science, intuition, etc. to help us grasp as much of reality as we can with whatever abilities we have.

Moving forward we can predict a supermaterial existence of real, living, evolved, objects, which are arrived at through material and supermaterial evolution, from the simple to the complex, or to a highly refined simplicity.

Man is not an end in himself, the material life that is in man seeks supermaterial Godhood, which is the zenith of success in evolution. Godhood is not merely a defining sacred word or abstract spiritual concept to worship. Secondary or even absolute truths only define living objects, and the zenith of evolved living objects, and the zenith of truth, is Godhood.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Two big reforms that could save America (and the West)

The national psyche has disintegrated, but can it be put back together without first falling like the Roman Empire? I think it can. But both religion and the U. S. Constitution need to be reformed---not rejected.

I agree with those who have suggested that no great civilization has ever risen without being founded in religion. Readers of this blog know that I believe we need to open the Great Spiritual Blockade which has been in place against evolving in the material world to supermaterial Godhood. This reform conservatively retains the old ascetic Inward Path to the God or Father Within by seeing the Inward Path as the first glimpse or symbolic experience of Godhood, which in reality is reached through the Outward Path of material and supermaterial evolution. This is the Twofold Path of theological materialism. The false duality between the spiritual and material and between religion and science can this way be resolved.

The other big reform is to understand that the separation of powers, states, and regions seen in the U. S. Constitution needs to accommodate separate ethnic cultures and ethnostates within a protecting federal system.  The unreality of having a political melting pot of distinctly different people was a dangerous and unworkable dream. The unreality of one culture, one people, one race, dominating all others in our crowded world was also a dangerous and unworkable dream. The reform toward ethnopluralism will bring political philosophy back to real human nature, which remains kin-centered, ethnocentric and group-selecting.

These reforms will, conservatively, help us to avoid the coming civil disruptions and even civil war due to un-assmilating cultures and people in America---without radical revolutionary change.  Some might say that these two big reforms in religion and politics would require miracles, that could be, but I would rather say these reforms require heroism.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Overcoming cynicism in the Twofold Path

I don't believe men are innately flawed, which is an idea that seems to have been caused from an unrealistic definition or view of what is “unflawed.” That is, defining unflawed man as being non-material or with few or no material desires is at the origin of the oldest religious definition of flawed man as being materialistic in a flawed world.

Religious gurus advocated non-materialistic living mainly as a tool or aid in seeing or experiencing the God or Father Within, for which materialism would be a distraction. Non-materialism was then only secondarily described as the preferred social behavior, for example, one could give to the poor because the things of this world in any case were not important in the deeper sense of experiencing the God Within---“giving” in itself was therefore not the first value.

The Twofold Path in theological materialism and the Theoevolutionary Church retains the experience of the God or Father Within, which is the essence of traditional religious values and morals, without having the Involutionary Inward Path to the Father Within overwhelm the Evolutionary Outward Path of material/supermaterial evolution to real Godhood.

Cynicism and the view of flawed man falls away in the Outward Path which requires the material world to evolve to Godhood, and places the desire-free state of the Inward Path in a secondary role, as being a symbolic glimpse of what real Godhood may be like at the zenith of material evolution. Heroism in the world rather than ascetic removal from the world takes precedence in the Twofold Path.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The conservatives, the natural preservers, are not yet addressing this real problem, or this solution

Individual, kin and group (or ethnic) selection could be called the primary-selection-trio. Libertarian conservatives are willing to make sacred the individual, and paleoconservatives or traditional conservatives are willing to make the kin sacred, but both say little or nothing about group or ethnic selection, and this is a serious omission directly relating to the future of America and the West.

According to the more courageous sociobiological and anthropological scientists and thinkers, group-selection is the central unit of selection. Only group or ethnic selection can be socially strong enough over the long term to actually protect and advance the individual and the kin.

The natural problems of competing groups within a multi-ethnic nation can be managed by affirming ethnopluralism, with regions and states primarily understood as ethnostates, which can then be protected internally and externally by a lighter version of federalism.

Establishing ethnopluralism within the United States is of course a daunting mission---charges of racism by the powers that be will destroy reputations---but the separation of powers and states in the U. S. Constitution could accommodate the natural political configuration of ethnostates, so even the conservatives could affirm it, if it was done gradually, and legally.

Ethnopluralism working in harmony with the primary-selection-trio works in harmony with real human nature, which remains very much individual, kin and ethnic-centered. Empires always fall back into ethnostates, so natural human history and evolution are on the side of ethnopluralism.

Otherwise America (and the West) seems headed for civil disturbances and even civil war between un-meltable ethnic cultures, which will weaken the nation internationally.  The conservatives, the natural preservers, are not yet addressing this real problem, or this solution, and the modern liberals remain unrealistic about human nature and politics.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

What are Donald Trump's motives?

Trump sometimes sounds like Pat Buchanan with his economic nationalism and his immigration policies. But he does not sound like Buchanan when he wants to continue American meddling in the middle east on behalf of Israel. Then there is that bit of conspiracy that Trump is out to help Hillary win by eventually changing to a third party and destroying Republican votes---that is, he really does not care which side wins since he advances himself by giving money to both sides. One thing is clear regarding Trump, it is cathartic to see someone who is not afraid to face the dragons for being politically incorrect.

Here's what I guess are Trump's motives, in the following order:
  1. Trump wants to advance himself. 2. He wants to advance Jewish causes. 3. He resents the elite and wants to destroy their global corporations. 4. He wants to support and strengthen America because America made him and his friends rich.

    Realism in politics is not always pretty. So the question is, would those of us who generally approve of Pat Buchanan's political philosophy be making a deal with Beelzebub to support Trump?  It's not yet clear to me.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Re-empowering the states toward developing ethnopluralism and ethnostates

Deep conservatism requires more than the standard social traditionalism, local government, and non-imperialism, although even achieving these would be good. Having worshiped bigness to the gross limits of marauding imperial globalism, we need to, gradually, return not only to localism but we need to re-empower the states toward developing ethnopluralism and ethnostates.

When the regions and states are devoted to their own general ethnic cultures we can at last have government conform to real human nature, which remains kin-centered and ethnic-centered, with group-selection remaining as it has always been the main unit of selection. If culture proposes to not include these things, the culture does not last long and always returns to these things. This view of real human nature is at the core of conservatism and tradition, although not always expressed so, whereas many of these traits are missing in cultural communism, modern liberalism, and post-modernism. Even traditional conservatism needs to return to the deep conservatism of the separation of powers and states originally suggested in the U. S. Constitution, which could eventually accommodate ethnopluralism.

This would not happen over-night, it would require a period of years. We could first heed the ideas of people like James L. Buckley who argues for abolishing federal grants in aid to state and local governments. “Federal grants are often used to persuade—or coerce—state and local governments to do things that the federal government wants them to do or to do things the way the federal government wants them done...” (see the review, “How Washington Bribes the States” )

We could at least start by not voting for the enablers and nurturers of bigness and imperialism, and we could promote small-is-beautiful politicians. It will be a difficult return to sobriety. Eventually we need to find local and states-rights people who seek to re-empower the states toward ethnopluralism and ethnostates. It is either a return to localism and states rights---and eventually perhaps 50 ethnostates, or regions of states, or it will be the slow death of America from civil disruptions and even civil war due to natural and predicable ethnic competition, which we are increasingly seeing, as the melting pot certainly did not melt because ethnic melting pots do not relate to real human nature.

Heroic behavior will again be necessary, which could counter the anti-hero culture now pushed by the popular big media because it is easier to control.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Music, harmony, and the activation of life

Is music the voice of man's consciousness as some have suggested? It seems to me that music is more the voice of man's emotions and instincts which consciousness follows but does not lead. Consciousness is activated by things other than itself, by instincts and emotions that required, or developed, the evolution of consciousness as an aid to successful survival and reproduction.

I think that the most sacred music would originate in the deepest activation's of life, that is, in the activation within life of the Spirit-Will-To Godhood, which essentially defines life as evolving toward Godhood, the most “successful” stage of life. Consciousness and human culture derive from this basic activation of life, which essentially defines “life.”

How would sacred music sound? Like the activation of life itself it would exist within the natural material world. The connection with nature suggests the harmony and order of nature itself, the consonance and dissonance of nature defined as vibrating in proportional harmony.

This natural music is unlike modern atonal “music,” which has cut the connection between realistic nature and art. Modern philosophy has done this too, favoring words, notations, intellectual concepts over the reality of living objects. Government deficit financing has also done this, cutting the connection between goods and money---that is, the con-game of money backed by nothing.

But this reflection on music is not anti-intellectual, it is anti-non-life, it is contrary to having our identity rooted fundamentally in non-living bookish definitions and pedantic conceptions in art. It is pro-reality in art, religion and philosophy.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The spiritual is supermaterial

Theologians, philosophers and intellectual's tend to think of people as aids to principles and truths rather than the other way around. It is the living object, the living substance which comes first, not the definition or symbol of the living object. That is not to say that definitions and symbols are unimportant, but they are only aids to living.

Theologians and  philosopher's lose touch with real life, real living, real people, and trans-value real living to the symbolic-spiritual. It is supermaterialism not spiritualism which retains the highest ideals and real goals of religion and philosophy, and this brings religion and philosophy out of unreality and nothingness. Godhood is a living object or objects which we evolve to become in the material and supermaterial world, if we are successful in survival and evolution.

Theological materialism can bring religion and science together, where they belong. The spiritual is supermaterial. The material is not satanic and the spiritual is not godly. This means that occult, esoteric, initiations and holy wars of duality are foolish but dangerous. The Gordian knot need not be unraveled, just ignored, or cut with one swipe. The old intellectual battles between religion, philosophy and science are not necessary and are even harmful to the path of our sacred evolution, which is the real mystery and mission we can address.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Realism Affirms Ethnopluralism

History may be the story of the relationships of power, as realism teaches us, but power is wielded by groups, usually ethnic groups, and group-selection and group-morality have ever been and continue to be the main unit of successful natural selection and survival. Individuals lead groups but groups control the various regions of power, and compete with other individuals and groups.

This has been the historical reality of human behavior and human nature, which remains kin-centered and mainly group-selecting, therefore the most natural and practical political configuration, given human nature, is ethnopluralism, that is, regions, states and powers separated by ethnic cultures or ethnostates, and protected by some kind of federalism. Can we face this reality?

Luckily, and wisely, the U. S. Constitution was set up to secure a separation of powers and states, which could accommodate ethnopluralism. This could reform, without radical revolution, our conflicted country, and save our various competing groups from future civil strife or even civil war, given human nature.

If culture is defined as the dominant ideas of a people, it is difficult to define American culture since America now contains different ideas and different ethnic cultures. As much as some may attempt to define (or justify) multicultural America as an intellectual creed unrelated to demographics or ethnic identities; American “culture” is now many competing cultures. This can't end well, given the reality of human nature.

Forms of imperialism, left and right, are often said to hold disparate people together, but they are usually the cold dominance of one group over the others, and imperialism always declines, falls back, or returns to natural ethnostates, which conform to real human nature. Ethnopluralism offers realistic optimism regarding mankind's future, rather than predicating endless marauding imperialism, or hopeless views of a permanently sinful or flawed man, or the postmodern nihilistic and dead-end relativity of values and morals now taught in academia.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

How do we recover integrity and honesty among our leaders?

How was our government put up for sale? How did “legalized bribes', as William Lind called it, become “campaign contributions?” We know integrity and honor have been long gone in the global capitalist world, but why do our army generals now also lie?

Is it the loss of religion? I have always wondered if the past gentleman culture (eg. 19th century England) arose due to the inherent non-materialism of Christianity, which wasn't adequate to the realistic needs of national and local survival. It has always been the military that has clung to the gentleman values of integrity and honor, but now even our military is lying about our recent wars in the middle-east. When soldiers lie men die and nation's fall.

Even political philosopher's like Leo Strauss have given permission to neoconservative despots to lie to the plebeians in the interest of their dubious causes, apparently affirmed by the dreams of Plato, although I doubt if that tribe needed much encouragement in lying.

I suppose easy survival, luxury, tends to lead to the decline of the rigorous values necessary for real survival. The question is, how do we recover integrity and honesty among our leaders in our easy-living modern age?
Perhaps when our real survival depends on ending the lies and the bribes then we will recover, whether that recovery shows itself in religious morals or military values, or both. Honorable and heroic men and woman will rise out of necessity, either to revive our nation, or to begin again out of the ruins.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Now losing but eventually winning traditional moral culture

When “civil rights” absurdly expands to include such things as gay marriage, transgenders, and even criminal illegal aliens, traditional moral culture is finished and has become a “culture” of immorality. Tens of millions of people oppose this immorality but the cultural rulers, living in cities on both coasts of America, own both academic and popular culture. And we know that the most underrated danger to traditional morality comes from highly talented artists, writers, and actors applying their talents to gross performances which sell immorality better than the best salesmen.

Yet in spite of the present destruction of traditional morality, I believe traditional morality will prevail, not so much due to orthodox religious views but due to basic human nature. Traditional morality is based in the biological origin of social behavior. That is, in virtually every human culture ever studied, human nature included, kin-selection preferences, incest taboos, traditional marriage, hierarchy, division of labor, gender differentiation, localism, ethnocentrism, and group-selection as the primary unit of selection---individualism has been secondary. And we have that same human nature today. If culture proposes to not include these basic traits of human nature, the culture does not last long and it will always return to these things.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Why individualism is secondary to altruism

There is of course an important place for individualism, that is, individual creativity and individual genius, which can lead to great social (while not condoning anti-social) innovations, but individualism needs to be understood as secondary to the altruism of group morality and group selection, and this can be affirmed by both religion and the science of sociobiology.

Traditional religious virtues and morals tend to be altruistic, that is, “unselfish” interest in the welfare of others, but altruism is also based in the selfish advantage individuals receive from helping the group. Genetic and sociobiological studies have affirmed this.

The dilemma is that the individualism of many conservatives goes against the altruistic virtues of their own religion. Ironically, altruism is affirmed by the sociobiological sciences which religion has not much approved of.

But an important point here is that altruism is based in the preference for ones kin, and ones ethnic group, who can successful help carry ones own related genes forward---so individualism goes against this element of social life as well.

This is why an ethnopluralism of ethnostates (which could be done legally in the separate regions and states of the United States Constitution) is more natural and even more traditional than the hyper-individualism of libertarianism, which has led to marauding, greedy, antisocial, one-percent, global corporations (backed by the so-called neoconservatives), who have all but destroyed the West.

As unchecked immigration completely changes America into competing ethnic factions, ethnopluralism will be the natural solution to future cultural and civil war, if we can do it---backed up by traditionally bonded altruism.