Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What determines history's outcome and what does that mean politically?

The environment interacts with people and ideas to change history, not unlike the nature/nurture pattern where nature tends to be slightly more influential than nurture. But modern liberals who are mainly cultural Marxists think that nature can be left out of it and that human nature is completely malleable. Historians work from these perspectives usually leaning in one direction or another.

How human nature is defined becomes important in understanding the direction of history and culture. Human nature remains today, among other mostly traditional things, kin-centered, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection. This suggest that real human nature works more smoothly with an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, where nature and nurture can work most harmoniously in determining history's outcome.

To me this means strong leaders and their character traits, which includes their ideas, can make a big difference in the direction of history. This also means that ethno-demographics can change history. As the people change the culture changes. Immigration can change a culture, and multiculturalism can confuse and disrupt a nation, whereas homogeneous ethnostates tend to work more harmoniously.

How long will these plain truths remain politically incorrect and taboo? I suppose as long as some people gain short-term power from lies.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The modern liberal principle of tolerance for almost everything has all but destroyed Western civilization

In theological materialism the laws of nature and human nature coincide for the most part with the laws of traditional religion. It may be blasphemous to some, but I believe that the laws of nature come before and lead to or activate the laws of traditional religion, and not the other way around.

This does not reject religion but it puts religion in the right balance with the reality of nature and human nature. We are not born with endless free choice to discover what best seems to fit our interests. We have free choice within a determined human nature. But human nature also largely harmonizes with traditional morality. Human nature has a constant nature but an ever-changing character, to adapt what Colin Gray said of war.

Human nature remains mainly kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection. I prefer the term “ordered evolution” to “ordered liberty” because it is more in line with the reality of human nature. We have choices within determined paths of evolution, like a boulder rolling down a mountain, as E.O. Wilson once put it.

I think the U. S. constitutional separation of powers and states is wisely in harmony with real human nature. I also think real human nature naturally needs to be seen as leading to ethnostates within an ethnopluralism---human nature certainly does not point to one world with all varieties of unlike people stuffed into one territory and told to all get along together.

But a series of Supreme Court decisions now allows almost any perversion of human nature, people are legally “free” to chose whatever sexuality, whatever odd version of marriage, whatever political structure that fits their short-term fancy. No such freedom exists within a largely determined human nature. The modern liberal principle of tolerance for almost everything with perversions of real human nature of every kind has all but destroyed Western civilization.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Personally I hate the Big Media. Oh, oh, is that “'hate speech?”

Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are flawed but it will be the Big Media that decides the winners and losers, not their flaws, and that is way too much power for the Media.

The Big Media now rules our culture. The little media, Twitter, talk radio, even Fox News (which is neoliberal or neoconservative, not conservative) are no match for the Big Media.

The Big Media have won the cultural war. The swamp of modern liberalism and cultural Marxism, have eradicated the traditional family and community normalcy and replaced it with the love of the self, easy divorce, easy abortion, pornography, and on and on.

What can be done about the Big Media? “Nothing” you say? You make my point. Nevertheless, something has to be done about the power of the Big Media before cultural health can actually be restored.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The monstrous dream of turning all life into artificial life

Many transhumanists think that homo sapiens will be replaced by artificial life. They are talking about the death of life. There has got to be some catch here, maybe they don't want their own death, they want to stop their competitors, then they can realize their Nerd dream of controlling artificial life and the world!

But life and the evolution of life won't go down that easily. We will develop artificial life but it will be as an aid to the evolution of life and an aid to our own evolution, and not merely the designing of cyborgs and artificial “life.” In other words, life itself instinctively probably won't allow the monstrous dream of turning all life into artificial life. 

Conservatism and Ethnopluralism

I believe human nature inevitably moves in the direction of ethnopluralism, because human nature is essentially kin and group or ethnic centered, in spite of political ideologies that ignore this basic human nature. The reality of human nature affirms traditional conservatism as ranking higher than libertarian individualism.

The nefarious political correctness and cultural Marxism that has captured our county will need to be overcome, which is no small task, but the increasing diversity of the demographics of the United States can actually help in moving us toward ethnostates.

The transformation of regions and states toward ethnostates and localism can happen without radical revolution. This change will happen radically and with many social disruptions if it does not happen legally and constitutionally.

This can happened in the United States due to the constitutional separation of powers and states. Even if a few amendments to the Constitution are necessary, revolution and civil war need to be avoided. I would have the radical revolutionaries actually read Burke and Kirk who proved, at least to me, that revolutionary change to longtime tradition based in real human nature does far more harm than good.

I consider myself a patriot, I love the Untied States, and I will defend it and its real traditions as we transform legally toward ethnopluralism, well protected by federalism.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Why Trump supporters are wiser than Hillary supporters

It is true that a high IQ is required for doing graduate school research, but is intelligence defined only as the “capacity for abstraction?” When we test for IQ we also need to test for character and honesty, otherwise we get the Hillary supporters who include the brilliant monsters from the Ivy League Schools who have been destroying the Western world.

Trump supporters seem wiser than their candidate who is figuring out what a conservative is as he goes along---but at least he has courage. Trump supporters instinctively understand the basis of conservatism and real life without much abstract thinking about it: real human nature is kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection.

And it is not only redneck dummies who believe this, the highest IQ's in the academic world of sociobiology affirm this view of human nature. Hillary and her brilliant monsters, with their capacity for abstractions, do not understand this at all. Trump supporters do. Who is biased, bigoted, and stupid in this reality?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Big Media Shouts “Fire”

“Conservatives” like Joe Scarborough have been calling for Donald Trump to “pivot” from his more extreme positions, but when he did that with his immigration position they attacked him for “flip flopping.” Trump can't win with these people, but if even if he does manage to win they will go after him until they destroy him.

Has the Big Media become a fifth column in the West out to destroy what remains of the West under the cover of “free speech?” Are they not shouting “fire” in a crowded theater? Isn't that against the law? Is it time to think about breaking up Big Media monopolies into smaller pieces with many more owners? Or are we too far gone to do that? Didn't this same thing happen before World War Two?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Why I really don't like Hillary Clinton

First of all this is a woman whose mannerisms, speech and gestures are all phony. She is a bad B-movie actress. Then there is her political philosophy which is both culturally Marxist and neoconservative, which are bogus philosophies based in abstract ideas with no relationship to real human nature other than a greedy will to power. She and her husband, who also lies as he smiles, have transformed their Hippie leftist tendencies from the 60's into being intimate friends with Wall Street and the bankers, while claiming not to be. Then there is her feminism, which like all feminism (accept maybe Camille Paglia's version), has no basis in real biological human nature. And it is not gentlemanly to mention it but what does it say about Hillary's character that even when running for president! she doesn't have the personal discipline to lose the weight which is damaging her health and her appearance?

And Hillary is predicted to win! How messed up we are! Donald Trump is flawed but his instincts at least seem healthier than Hillary's. The people are just fed up with all of them.

Monday, August 22, 2016

If we must have symbols

If theological materialism and the Theoevolutionary Church must have symbols, and I'm not sure that they do, then the circle stands for the Primordial Material, from which life springs, for all creation. The X or joined triangles is the Will-Spirit-Within the Primordial Material which activates It, but this symbol also relates to the Twofold Path, the symbolic Involutionary and real Evolutionary paths to Godhood. From the circle and cross evolves life all the way to Godhood, which is an ongoing evolution. Evolution is represented by the triangle pyramid, and Godhood is represented by the square. The variety of Gods is represented by the eight outside corners of the square and circle. All of the symbol sections are 12: twelve is the number of completion, which forms a whole, a harmonious unit, and corresponds to plenitude, the completion and integrality of a religion or philosophy or cosmos.

How the alt.right is more legitimately conservative than Republicans and conservatives

Republicans and conservatives now want Donald Trump to purge the alt.right from his populist movement, but the alt.right at least has the courage to speak of the biological origin of social behavior, and Republicans do not.

Conservative English professors (all three of them) complain about the grammatical mistakes and fuzzy thinking of liberal professors, but conservatives don't complain about the denial of the biological origin of social behavior by the left, because conservatives are guilty of the the same denial---and some of this, if not all of it, is due to political correctness on the right.

Ignoring the biological origin of social behavior does not make it go away, it only confuses and complicates political discourse and offers at best temporary political victories.

Blacks and modern liberals (and all of the Big Media) say they will not support Trump because he is racist, but then blacks, modern liberals, and the Big Media loudly and continually promote blacks and other minorities by race, or by special racial preferences like "affirmative action," and they usually do so by attacking whites by race.

Although too often selfishly fascist, the alt.right is more legitimately conservative than Republicans and conservatives.

Just plain common sense yet alone real scholarship would see that real human nature is fundamentally kin and group-centered. Real human compassion, right and left, would allow states to be at least generally ethnostates, with the freedom to affirm the fundamental biological origin of social and cultural behavior. The U.S Constitution even more or less saw this in the separation of powers and states. Many of today's social disruptions would then go away.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Can we say replacing “grace” with “evolution” perfects nature?

Can we say replacing “grace” with “evolution” perfects nature? Almost. It is the activation within life here called the Spirit-Will-To-Godhood---which is material---that perfects evolution and nature, working along with natural evolutionary selection.

Theological materialism is based in continual material evolution, which is never really perfected since Godhood is an ongoing upward evolution that never really ends, even if it sometimes begins again.

“Truth” is not an abstract idea or mathematical figure, it is defined in living objects, and therefore the highest truths are embodied in the highest evolution within the material and supermaterial world.

The traditional Inward Path of the Twofold Path can retain the old abstract idea, or symbolic experience, of the inward God, which is transformed in the Outward Path of material and supermaterial evolution to real Godhood.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Why neoconservatives are cunning, nasty, and even dangerous thinkers

Neoconservatives claim that we are a “proposition nation.” But the neos build an abstract superstructure with no foundation.

Chilton Williamson recently pointed out that propositions are made by people, for example, it was the British ethos which developed our Constitution. I would emphasize that specific genes and environments are very much reflected in the propositions people make. 

Many neoconservatives tend to see a Nazi behind every corner, but then they go on to consciously (or unconsciously?) create propositions that advance those who create the proposition, almost with another form of Nazism. This is why I find neoconservatives from Leo Strauss and Alan Bloom, to the present crowd at the “National Review” journal, cunning, nasty and even dangerous thinkers.

Don't get me wrong, I am not criticizing the natural desire for survival and reproductive success which activates the behavior of group-selection, I am criticizing disguising and lying about it. If we were honest we would see the good sense in allowing separate states for distinctly different and competing ethnic groups, and protect that independence.

Unlike the neoconservatives, paleoconservatives like Mr. Williamson and Pat Buchanan are at least sort of signaling an ethnopluralism of ethnostates.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Why are all our pop stars barbarians?

Two main reasons: owners and managers of the pop media promote tradition-destroying barbarianism, and the owners and performers tend to actually be barbarians.

Contrary to political correctness “stereotypes” tend to not only be true but are based on deep genetic traits. “Let's party!” contrasted with the Protestant work ethic are ethnic dispositions and not merely media propaganda. One of these dispositions isn't “better” than the other, they are just different traits which developed and evolved in different hot or cold environments.

Problems come when the “Don't worry be happy” social philosophy of pop culture tries to dominate multiculturalism. For example, every one from the baby to grandma are now unrestrainedly dancing in television commercials, or trying to dance if they are white--which adds the little ideological bonus of making whites look ridiculous. Even country music now has its twangy version of rap. And Taylor Swift parties like Beyonce.

Northern Europeans tend to be more introverted than southern Europeans and Africans, who are more extroverted, and both naturally feel uncomfortable with each others disposition. 

Most of the social, cultural and political problems we have---which are now causing increasing violence in our streets---come from the different dispositions and traits of different ethnic groups trying to live multicultural within the same space, with barbarian music playing above it all.

This leads to what has become one of the main themes of this blog: Culture works most harmoniously when it reflects the people who create the culture. Ethnic characteristics make culture and ideology. And so I advocate ethnopluralism, even within the United States, with the constitutional separation powers and states designed for ethnic cultures, and protected by federalism. This can happen gradually, revolution is not necessary.

Then we can work, or party, which ever turns us on, in our own space.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Making religion and science more complete

The transformation

Magic and religion say the same thing: “the visible is the manifestation of the invisible.” But reality is exactly the opposite. The word “manifestation” is too big a word for what is really an idea or imagination in the mind only.

Regarding most religious symbols and many philosophical and mathematical symbols: “the map is not the territory.”

Godhood can be retained but needs to be transformed from the magic, symbols and maps, for example, of the Inward Hindu Chakra Correspondence Chart or the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, into the real Godhood which can be evolved to in the Outward Path of this material and supermaterial world.
In this sense God is a servant of material evolution, not the other way around. The incomplete view of God was developed by man to enhance religious group-bonding for successful human survival.

This does not mean the death of God or the death of the symbols of the Inward Path, it defines the reality of real material/supermaterial Godhood in the Twofold Path and how this goal can help us now, and how we can help the goal of evolution on the path toward Godhood.

It is the old view of God that could lead to the death of God. Just like conservative politics, religion needs to know how to reform and change---or transform---or it will stagnate and die. We can retain the Inward Path as the first glimpse of Godhood but it needs to be transformed in the Outward Path of material/supermaterial evolution to real Godhood.

Both religion and science can be saved this way from incompleteness---and can be synthesized.

Theological materialism is concerned with this conservative yet evolutionary understanding.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The truth about assimilation

The truth about assimilation needs to be exhumed at a time when both America and Europe are increasingly falling apart mainly due to problems of assimilation. This taboo subject is spoken of at the risk, or rather the certainty, that you will be called a racist.

Nevertheless, real, basic, human nature is ethnocentric, as well as being kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, even xenophobic, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection. What is astounding is not the truth of this but the way it has been buried! What power to do this!

The great irony is that beneath the ruling Utopian fantasies and outright lies of those who insist that all human beings are the same and that we can all get along if only we were not as we really are, is the advancement of the group who advocate against such favoritism. Human beings are something aren't they?

Anyway, this is why ethnopluralism needs to be considered. If we look clearly at the problem we can see that distinctively different groups simply do not assimilate with one another, and we therefore will need ethnic territories to keep the peace, protected with some sort of federalism. Such things as immigration and the constitutional separation of powers and states figure strongly in this reality, which is not spoken of.

It must not be considered evil to admit this.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Toward a slower rise after the fall

I'm not giving up on Donald Trump but things are not looking good. The sad hope of electing this flawed candidate is fading away under the Hillary machine of wealth, the Big Media, and the academic world, which is spewing delusions. Hillary cares most for women, people of color, and queer folk. Her political solutions are based on fictions regarding human nature and they therefore will only make our problems worse.

So what about the rise after the fall? Is America over? Is the West finished? Are the people right who say we need to fall before we rise? Frustrations and anger will increase, fascist groups may rise, but I don't think that is the solution to the decline and fall of America and the West.

We have a legal path in our constitutional separation of powers and states. It is the slower but better way. Human nature certainly prefers kin and group-selection and we can constitutional separate the increasingly competing ethnic groups into regions and states and protect them with federalism. It does mean a slight transformation or at least an accommodation of our constitution, but history has said that reforming the old is better than trying something radically new, because the old has already learned to adapt to real human nature. Healthy tradition includes change.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Dealing with the lies, disguises, and truths of human living

The instinctive force of the preference for kin and group is so strong within human nature that it can be disguised even from those who deny it---think of the Marxists who advance a tiny elite while claiming equality for all. Mortal men are not so much the fools of Shakespeare's “Midsummer Nights Dream” as they are liars, even to themselves.

Human nature is complicated and difficult to understand mainly because of lies and disguises, even among the philosophers and psychologists who professionally examine human behavior. But if men are born that way is not lying also a natural law of human nature? It is the instinctive and genetic activation to advance kin and group that is the natural law, and both conscious and unconscious lies as well as truth are the methods used.

I think we can even go as far as to say that the laws of kin and group-selection are no less a natural law of human nature than the laws of physics. Men deny this law with long philosophical treatises even as they advance this law.

With this in mind I hope ethnopluralism, which grounds itself in the real human nature of kin and group-preferences, with ethnostates for distinctive ethnic cultures, will soon be seen as the political philosophy most in harmony with the laws of human nature and therefore able to synthesize or deal with the lies, disguises and truths of human living.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

We have no choice if we want to live but to this way oppose the suicide of the West

The global elite and the cultural Marxists of political correctness gamble with great chutzpah---even at the edges of the life and death of the West---that they can control the destruction of the West and maintain their empire.

The United States has been waging continual warfare in the Muslim world. Why? The Arabs and Persians only want sell us their oil. We just don't want the disruption of the oil flow from the Middles East. It is Israel who they hate for invading their lands.

Meanwhile, internally we have the movement of open borders, multiculturalism, genderless-freedom, and ultra-tolerance of everything, which is promoted by the Global Elite, the Big Media, and the academic world.

I think the forces of national destruction are aware that if they close off legal objections to the destruction of the West some sort of illegal fascism will rise, which is probably what they want to happen because they believe they can control it, after years of propaganda against fascism.

But fascism doesn't work anyway over the long term, especially in the crowded world where many ethnic groups jockey to survive. What we need is a gradual movement toward ethnopluralism.

This is not a call for illegal radical revolution, which is what the enemy want us to do, but a call for the legal conservative return to the constitutional separation of powers and states. This time, as ethnic conflicts are increasing, we need real separation, that is, ethnostates designed for the freedom of distinctive ethnic cultures, protected with federalism.

That is the movement in line with real human nature, which remains kin-centered and group-selecting, and the only means to whatever long term peace and harmony is possible for human beings.

We have no choice if we want to live but to this way oppose the suicide of the West.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

That “something else” which helps explain the dynamism of evolution

Virtually no scientist will agree to it but I think there is more to evolution than the duality of genes and nature, or genes telling the cells what to do within natural selection. That seems inadequate to explain the development of form and order, and the almost timeless movement from simplicity to complexity.

I don't think it is on the right track to speak of “morphogenetic fields” as Sheldrake has done while using the same non-material spiritual explanation for them. The same goes for Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's non-material spiritual God, mystically injecting itself in evolution.

I see a purely material force, or more accurately a supermaterial force, within the elements of life itself, working within the cells to activate life toward the zenith of evolutionary success, which is here defined as Godhood. It is a supermaterial Godhood reached through material evolution and not one, non-material, uncreated God, it is an ongoing evolution of living objects toward the highest evolutionary life of Godhood.

I have called this force the Spirit-Will-to Godhood, or Tirips.  This I think and feel is that “something else” which helps explain the dynamism of evolution.

Even though this activation force is defined as material and not spiritual it seems to be the main obstacle science-minded people have with accepting the religious philosophy of theological materialism. And on the other side, applying material evolution in religion is the main obstacle for religious people.

This view of evolution has led to a new religious philosophy which never-the-less retains but transforms past ideals of God and evolution in the Twofold Path. I have called this philosophy theological materialism.  For me, this is the simpler explanation of evolution, God, and religion among competing hypotheses trying to connect science and religion, the one with the fewest assumptions.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Founder or Useful Idiot?

Many people know that it was powerful Saudi and Israeli lobbies in Washington working with the Global Establishment who caused the invasion of the Middle East and the subsequent rise of Isis. What is astonishing about Trump sarcastically calling Obama the “founder” of Isis it how the Big Media thinks it can get away with defining Trump as meaning this literally to be true. This is a mistake on the part of the Big Media due mainly to their chutzpah in thinking the public is stupid enough to buy it. The rise of Trump, in spite of the Big Media being entirely against him, shows this to be true. These are malevolent people the populists are taking on, who survive even without victory.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Beneath the surface of the presidential election process, even beneath the battles between the Big Media left and neoconservative Fox News (which is much the same as neoliberalism), there also seems to be manipulation from different wings of the intelligence community, as well as interference from the intelligence services of other countries.

At first glance there seems to be a weakness in human nature in being flexible enough to be manipulated by selfish individuals and selfish groups. This also then looks like a weakness in the idea heard here often that human beings need to harmonize with real human nature in creating their social structures. But “flexibility” in human nature is not the same as “free.”

Since it is selfish individuals and selfish groups who try to manipulate us, this in fact affirms the basic kin and group-centeredness of human nature, which is instinctive, genetic, and includes especially those cultural Marxists who preach against selfishness or against group differences.

So we end up with the same grounded sociobiological idea that the best social and political structure needs to harmonize with real human nature, and real human nature is kin-centered with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection. Individuals or groups who try to manipulate us by destroying the idea of differences between people and ethnic cultures can be seen as following basic human nature in promoting their groups.

These manipulations are the basic obstacle to instinctive and rational ethnopluralism, with separate regions and states for separate and distinct ethnic cultures. These manipulations will need to be understood and overcome if we are to have long term social peace. Ethnopluralism can be accommodated by the fact that America, at least on paper, has a constitutional separation of powers and states---so radical revolution can be avoided.

In spite of these manipulations, Donald Trump still takes us in a more natural direction in line with real human nature than Hillary and her phony cabal.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump among the ruins

“I roam through clans of savage men, untamed by arts, untaught by pen.” (Samuel Johnson, quoted by Derik Turner)

Donald Trump is of course an arrogant braggart, but a less presumptuous man would probably not have taken on our decayed and corrupt culture.

Are the savage and untaught---who in our time are wiser than the taught---numerous enough? If not, it's Hillary, her husband, their dangerous delusions, and more decay and corruption. Trump may need at least a few of those older suburban ladies, weary of their couch-potato husbands, to vote for him.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Let human nature have its natural political structure

We have had hopeless attempts to solve the problem of ethnic differences by trying to create no ethnic differences. Europe and America are splitting apart today more than ever mainly due to ethnic differences, after years of forced assimilation.

So let them split apart! Let human nature have its natural political structure! In the U.S. the constitutional separation of powers and states could even accommodate such a change! Modern politics has moved directly against ethnopluralism and against fundamental human nature, which has caused many social disruptions.

I always ask who is against this view of human nature and politics? They are the enemies of human nature, stability, as well as evolutionary progress. Ironically (and nefariously) those who are against ethnopluralism usually affirm their own ethnocentrism within the assimilating cultures they propose or force upon us.

It has been difficult for the movers and shakers of the modern world to accept that not culture but genes are the foundation of human nature, and therefore the foundation of nations. Genes make culture and culture can change genes. Ideas such as universalism, equality, and of course Marxism, come mainly from this misunderstanding.

Real human nature remains kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection, and with this sociobiological knowledge we arrive at ethnopluralism as the sane, reasonable and natural political structure.

Monday, August 08, 2016

It's the indoctrination, stupid

It's supposed to be a slam against Donald Trump that the smug college educated do not approve of him and the loud non-college educated do. Duh! The non-college educated simply have not been indoctrinated and brainwashed by the political correctness of cultural Marxism.

The minorities (soon majorities) are the exception to this, mainly because they like the Big Government handouts Hillary is offering. We can assume many non-minorities who have given up on voting will vote for Trump.

Accurate predictions of the winner will come directly from this reality, and who will actually come out and vote.

Who or what did this to us? The answer begins with Academia and Big Business Globalism, and ends with the Big Media. What a mess America and the West are in if we cannot overcome these nefarious powers.

Well, even the worst scenario can lead to the sanity of the devolution of centralized empires into more stable, conservative, small, ethnostates.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

A Religious Material Solution to the Great Spiritual Blockade

My hypothesis is that a very ancient split between the warriors and the priests led to the religious split between the material and spiritual, and finally led to a great spiritual blockade of the evolution toward real Godhood. Some of this history is brought down to us through the Vedic history of India, but it becomes such a tangled story of different meanings for the same words, such as the Devas and Asuras who competed in ancient India and Persia, that it is very difficult to decipher this split.

I think it is likely that warriors came before priests in the history of mankind and I think priests probably evolved to enhance warriors with ascetic practises that calmed or encouraged warriors before battle. Then at some point priests branched off from warriors toward an asceticism that blocked material actions and material desires, which would include making war. The discovery from deep meditation of what came to be known as the God Within was as big a discovery for religion as the wheel was for secular life. The experience was so blissful (see Christ or Buddha) that the gurus wanted to do nothing else, and certainly did not want to make war, yet alone make love.

But priests eventually had to learn to rationalize materialism and moved away from strict asceticism, perhaps due to the necessities of actual survival success, and we see this in religious philosophy from that time to this time. For example, in the Indian Bhagavad Gita warriors are taught how to kill yet still be spiritual. And there was also the really brilliant solution of having practical stages of life for every season of man in Hinduism. Then later St. Thomas Aquinas found a way, with help from Aristotle, to affirm real sexual reproduction and the general business of a living and breathing in a culture outside of the monastery. If everyone was celibate there would not even be monasteries yet alone human life. This warrior/priest split even arose in the more recent Traditionalist School where Evola seems to have preferred the dominance of the warrior and Guénon the dominance of the priests, although this has been rationalized as being only stages in the same spiritualism.

Judaism and Islam have found a way to conduct themselves like a pendulum which can swing to the extremes and back to the middle when living circumstances call for it. (see Scott Richert's essay in Chronicles, Aug 2016) Even terrorism has been justified this way. But Christianity and Buddhism have had a harder time developing a philosophy for living in the material word, in spite of the brilliant efforts of thinkers like Aquinas, since their founders were so obviously calling for a non-material celibate life in order to see or experience the God Within.

In all of these religions and religious histories God remains strictly a non-material spiritual God.

The religious philosophy of theological materialism has another way to join materialism and spiritualism within the dynamic movement of the evolution of material life to supermaterial Godhood, with the transformation of the mistaken idea of spiritualism into supermaterialism. Theological materialism does not reject the old religious Inward Path of asceticism but sees this as the first symbolic glimpse of the real Godhood reached through the Outward Path of material evolution. The Twofold Path can be harmonized. The war between the material and spiritual can really end, without all the past rationalizations, and without the great spiritual blockade.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

On telling the truth

Telling the truth and hating lies was probably initiated by my parents who hated lies and would punish lies but rarely punish the truth. I hate lies.

I will occasionally tell a white lie to keep from hurting people, but even this much can be a danger to a truthful social modulation. I always hope that people can tell the difference between social and anti-social truths, but they often cannot, and so telling the truth does have social consequences---so courage is required. (As an aside I think actor Marlon Brando was right when he said the essence of great acting is lying truthfully.)

But the truth is harder to find when you wade into philosophy. The lesson here is that you tell the truth as you know it, never lie, and correct yourself when you are wrong about the truth.

The airy nothing of naming

It is not really true that “ the beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper names,” as Confucius said. The beginning of wisdom is to center on the thing rather than the name of the thing. The “permanence,” “idealism,” and "spiritualism ” of names and ideas has been a falsehood perpetuated by centering on the names of things rather than the thing-itself, religious gurus and philosophers from the Vedas to Plato, Aquinas, Kant and Heidegger have perpetuated this falsehood.

The thing-itself in both religion and philosophy has been mistaken for a name or symbol only. This led to the apotheosis of naming when God was given a spiritual-only, non-material name, or idea, or symbol, and not seen as a living or future living material/supermaterial object or objects. This does not mean that God is rejected, it means that the name of Godhood needs to be transformed from a mere spiritual name or idea into a living or future material/supermaterial living thing, object, or  objects.

This describes the basic foundation of the religion, philosophy, ontology and epistemology of theological materialism, which can bring together religion, philosophy, science and politics again.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Why we need crazy like a Trump

People crazier than Donald Trump led to the founding of the West. Perhaps the great unwashed who support Trump are sensing that something like the roaming bands of blustering barbarians---think of the motorcycle gangs of “The Sons of Anarchy”...will be needed to stop the head-chopping Islamic terrorists who are now kicking down the rotting door of the West...Wait, the rotting door of the West has already been opened by Hillary and the neurotic cuckolds, and the global businessmen who could care less.

Effete pundits and no-clue feminists do not understand that even the freedom to be effete and feminist depends on the rise of the Sons of Law and Order.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

The romantic conservatism of ethnopluralism: the political philosophy of the future

Burke and Disraeli said change should be arrived at in deference to the traditions of a people and not merely change through abstract principles. Change needs to embrace both principles and active life within a changing environment.

Materialism as we have known it is not enough if it does not lift itself up toward supermaterialism by way of continued material evolution. It is not a romantic spiritualism free of misunderstood materialism but romantic materialism free of misunderstood spiritualism that lifts mankind up.

The good thing about the Ethnopluralism Hypothesis is that it affirms both the romantic laws of changing nature and abstract moral laws and principles. Ethnopluralism is not merely utilitarian and not merely romantic, it is both.

By ethnopluralism I mean regions and states gradually set aside for distinctive ethnic cultures, and protected by the federalism of the constitution. The constitutional principle of states' rights is the legal and conservative way to establish ethnopluralism, without radical revolution. The 10th Amendment to the Constitution preserves the rights of the states and individuals and it could accommodate ethnopluralism if we wanted it too.

If a culture proposes to not include the traits of real human nature the culture does not last long and always returns to real human nature. In every human culture ever studied human nature included kin-selection preferences, marriage, hierarchy, division of labor, gender differentiation, localism, ethnocentrism, with group-selection as the main unit of selection.

Human nature is both rational and irrational, utilitarian and romantic. Science requires religion and religion requires science. Marx was one-sided on the side of a utilitarianism materialism, and religion was one-sided on the side of misunderstood spiritualism.

Ethnopluralism can be grounded in religion, that is, in the religious philosophy of theological materialism, which includes traditional religion in the Inward Path to the symbolic God within, and scientific evolution in the Outward Path of material evolution to real supermaterial Godhood. And the best way to evolve in harmony with nature and human nature is with a variety of ethnic cultures in a variety of separate ethnostates.

I believe this is the political philosophy of the future.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

What is “genuine right wing thought?”

Right wing thought does not begin with the Southern Agrarians, Russell Kirk, Pat Buchanan, Edmund Burke, or even Aristotle or the Christian fathers, it begins with the primary biological origin of social behavior, and that began at the beginning of life. Then later the foundation of right wing thought began to include the evolutionary selection of human nature way back in hunter/gatherer times, which included being generally kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, and religious-making, among other things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection.

This real history of right wing thought now needs to include the writings of sociobiologist Edward Wilson---who would probably consider himself only a naturalist, like Wendell Berry. But most conservatives won't include Wilson it seems because he defines religion as mainly an evolutionary adaptation allowing people to bond better for better survival and reproduction. Conservatives usually consider religion as the bedrock of conservatism and believe that sociobiology will undermine that foundation. This need not be the outcome of upgrading conservatism with sociobiology.

What is required is the transformation of the understanding of spiritualism as being in reality super-materialism, and the knowledge that we reach real Godhood only through successful material survival and evolution all the way to supermaterial Godhood. I believe the philosophy of theological materialism is the necessary addition to right wing thought and conservatism (and could even deepen the left). The Twofold Path as described in theological materialism can retain the old spiritual and symbolic idea of a God seen inwardly in the Involutionary Inward Path, which was the first hint long ago in the East and the West of the real Godhood reached through the Evolutionary Outward Path of material evolution to real Godhood, and this is an ever ongoing evolution.
As I have written here before, I do not believe the Guenon/Evola-founded Traditionalist School, now represented by the Russian Alexander Dugin, who hates the West, is the answer to genuine right wing thought either.  With all due respect to Guenon, who was a great thinker, I believe the Traditionalist School adds up to a dead end regarding future religious philosophy, especially when the Traditionalist School turns away from the modern world and rejects Western science in their mystical or religious pronouncements, even to the point of supporting radical Islam. The real synthesis comes from including science in religion (Guillaume Faye's Archeofuturism does at least try to include modern science.) The real religious problem comes from the non-material spiritualism of both paganism and traditional religions, which now need to take a secondary backseat to the vital evolutionary-biological elements of religion and Godhood.

I believe this defines the deepest conservatism, which leads toward a political philosophy of not a single-ethnic-group-imperial-fascism, not global big business, not Marxism, but leads toward ethnopluralism, the decentralizing of ethnic cultures into ethnostates, protected by federalism, which is in accord with real human nature. In the U.S. this could even be conservatively accommodated by the constitutional separation of powers and states.

Can conservatism and genuine right wing thought make this change? If it cannot, religion and conservatism are probably doomed to replacement by some untried revolutionary scheme, such as rule by super-intelligent machines.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Saving American philosophy and the American character

Social philosophers (eg. de Tocqueville) have said that an exaggerated individualism and centralization rises out of democracy (see Chronicles, August 2016, Chilton Williamson). But exaggerated individualism and centralization rise more deeply from the problem of universalism and spiritualism in traditional religious philosophy, which rejects material reality.

This does not doom religion, but it requires God and Godhood to be brought back to material and supermaterial reality. We evolve in the material world to supermaterial Godhood, and this is what brings the weaknesses of exaggerated individualism and centralization back to the reality of putting group-selection ahead of individualism. This also affirms the old American character in being materialist, hostile to authority, optimistic, and future-oriented.

Utopianism and idealism often reject tradition and history but the saving philosophy of theology materialism affirms religion and tradition while setting realistic religious and philosophical goals based in real human nature and real material evolution. Conservatism remains but includes steady evolution.

Individualism and democracy can be saved when given the deeper foundation of group-cooperation which is the main unit of successful selection. The constitutional separation of powers and states, at least in the U.S., can protect individualism and natural ethnic differences in states and regions that can gradually become ethnostates, protected by federalism, which affirms the deepest kin and group-selection existing within real human nature. I believe this is how we can save American philosophy and the American character---and Western character too. 

Globalism has already proven to be highly destructive to human life, so the sooner it ends the better. Cooperation between nations, ethnopluralism, and evolution work best with good borders well defended.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Joe Scarborough's symbolic, effeminate, indigo-blue sweater

Watching Republican Joe Scarborough this morning on TV wearing his effeminate indigo-blue sweater as he attacked Donald Trump said much about the corruption and decline of American men and American politics.

Welfarism, increasing abortions, affirmative action, transgenderism, open borders for open immigration, military interference across the world, unelected elites ruling our politicians, corrupt global business, and on and on.

Can America actually overcome the brainwashing we have endured at the hands of the academics and the media? Real human nature moves in an opposite direction and remains kin-centered, gender defined, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, and ethnocentric, which offers some hope.

Who owns the Big Media? Who has control of the academic world? They have been the main corrupters of America. They and their agendas should be widely known by Americans.

If Trump can overcome and win the presidency in the face of a brainwashed public it will almost be some kind of miracle. The anger of a screaming dictator proclaiming one imperial ethnic group or race as superior or noble or chosen, and enslaving all others, is not a moral or workable solution, but it becomes understandable under these conditions.

The moral and workable long-term solution is ethnopluralism: the separation of distinctly different ethnic cultures in a constitutional separation of powers and states, and then protecting their independence with federalism, which could be legally accommodated by the U.S. Constitution. Each state could then control its own media and its own academic world.

What are the chances of that happening? The chances increase as the corruption increases.