Saturday, December 17, 2016

The exploitation of history by the enemies of future healthy evolution

Two of the most damaging exploitations of history by the politically correct cultural Marxism of modern liberals are the federalism of states rights, and the positive genetic improvements for mankind which can come from eugenics and genetic engineering.

The Civil War between the slave owning South and the objecting North has been exploited and sensationalized suggesting that the constitutional federalism of states rights means slavery. And eugenics is simply labeled as Nazism. This has destroyed both of these common sense social goods.

I especially object to these two lies and exploitations of history because I advocate the eventual legal and constitutional transformation of states rights into an ethnopluralism of regions and ethnostates, to save us from another civil war between unassimilating, distinctly different ethnic groups, and as the future way to hold the nation together, given that basic human nature remains ethnocentric and group selecting.

And I take exception to the manufactured objection against eugenics and genetic engineering because these things can gradually rid us of the suffering caused by genetically inherited diseases, as well as provide the vital research needed for continuing our evolution toward Godhood, which is the sacred purpose behind steady genetic and cultural improvements. (see theological materialism)

We need to expose those who exploit history against these positive things, those who think that they benefit from this great blockade. They are the enemies of future healthy evolution for all mankind. If these vital improvements remain buried by political correctness we will probably lose the legal, constitutional, and conservative means to bring them foreword, and they may one day be brought forward by the very means the modern liberals fear most, by a fascism which gives no choice in the matter...

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