Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why Isn't the Inward Path Called the Path of the Spirit?

Why isn't the Inward Path called the Path of the Spirit and the Outward Path called the Path of the Soul, since the Soul-Mind is the highest aspect of the body?

Because the Inward Path is Involutionary, seeking the Soul-Mind-Within at the expense of the body, or by restricting the senses of the body in order to see the Soul-Within.

The Outward Path is the Path of material-supermaterial evolution, and even though it is activated by the Spirit-Within---not the Soul---it is the outside path of the evolution of the body, along with the Soul-Mind, to Godhood in the outside cosmos.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The First and Second Force

The Balance of Soul Truth and Spirit Truth

Truth is of the Mind (Soul) and of the Will to Godhood (Spirit). The Inward Path seeks Soul Truth, the Outward Path seeks Spirit Truth. Traditional Religion has sought Soul Truth, usually by blocking (mostly unconsciously) Spirit Truth.

Soul Truth is of the body, as the Soul is the Zenith of the Mind. Spirit Truth is of God, the Will to Godhood in man, activating the Body, including the Soul, to Godhood.

The Spirit is the First Force, the Soul is the Second Force. Both need to work in harmony, led by the Spirit but guided by the Soul. This is the balance sought in EC.

Traditional Religion seeks and meditates upon the Soul, EC meditates upon the Soul as well as the Spirit. “Seeking the Truth” is generally sought in the Soul-Mind, but deeper than Soul-Mind is Spirit-Truth, God's Truth, which is beyond the human mind, yet also in man, existing in the Supreme Object that is God and sought by the Spirit within man.

The enlightened Soul-Mind sees the Truth of the Spirit and conforms to it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


"Reflect: is not the dreamer, sleeping or waking, one who likens dissimilar things, who puts the copy in the place of the real object? I should certainly say that such an one was dreaming. But take the case of the other, who recognizes the existence of absolute beauty and is able to distinguish the Idea from the objects which participate in the Idea, neither putting the objects in the place of the Idea nor the Idea in the place of the objects—is he a dreamer, or is he awake?" from World Wisdom

- Plato (Republic, 476 C)

Comment: He is awake. But the Idea is far less than the Living Object itself, contrary to Plato.

The reason of a man

The reason of a man living on earth, while useful and sometimes dazzling, will often deny the reality of evolution attaining Godhood. But this has nothing to do with reality, it is like an atom denying the existence of the world.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Economic Patriotism Sweeping the Nation

"Pushed by the United Steelworkers and the Alliance for American Manufacturing, a sense of economic patriotism is sweeping the nation and materializing in the form of “buy American” resolutions being passed in every level of government across America...” more here at Economy In Crisis. 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

On the anthropic principle

Primary and secondary beginnings

Was the Universe created in order to produce beings like ourselves?

The “anthropic principle” is “the collective name for several ways of asserting that physical and chemical theories, especially astrophysics and cosmology, need to take into account that there is life on Earth, and that one form of that life, Homo sapiens has attained sapience," the only kind of universe humans can occupy is one that is similar to the current one. (Wikipedia)

Somewhat contrary to this theory, the universe was created, not merely in order to produce beings, but in order to produce beings who would evolve to Godhood. Evolution to God is the primary intent and pattern, beings are produced secondary to and for this sacred path. Why? Ask God.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Spirit heart, Soul mind

The Spirit relates to the symbol of the heart, the Soul to the mind. This is seen in the following statement from Pat Buchanan: “...Rooted people love the things of the heart: God, country, family and faith. The weapons of the mind have been given to us, they believe, to defend the things of the heart.” The Mind or Soul (Inward Path) helps guide the Spirit (Outward Path) to God.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Will Itself and Music

Music can be advanced, using advanced mathematical and emotional patterns, but it is still only sound. Contrary to Schopenhauer, music is essentially primitive. Sound is less evolved than the Body-Object.

Human evolution leads the Supreme Will to Godhood, not music, the human being as an object is closer to the Will than anything else on earth, including music.

The Will is the Spirit-Within, and its goal is Godhood. Yes, the Will has a goal. It is not a directionless or beastly power. The higher evolved in the Kosmos are therefore closer to the Will-to-Godhood. God is the Will Itself, at the Zenith of Evolution, finally realizing Its goal.

The Will To Godhood

Evolution helps define the Will to Godhood, the Spirit-Will, which is the agent—both rational and irrational—depending on the ability of the mind or Soul to grasp it—and evolution constantly develops through changes, material and spiritual changes, always raising itself—like the dialectic—to higher forms, with starts, stops, and sideways twists, all the way to Godhood.

One cannot be “free” from the Will to Godhood in some imagined “spiritual freedom,” or in atheism, because Will is Life Itself. Death may free one's Soul (the Zenith of the Body) from this Will, yet the Will lives on in offspring, because the Will to Godhood is the central activation to Godhood, via material survival, reproduction and evolution. True “freedom” from The Will To Godhood, or from evolution, comes not from killing or extirpating this Will, but from fulfilling this Will, by finally attaining Godhood at the Zenith of Evolution.

Our task is to understand the biological-spiritual direction of the Will to Godhood, which is the central concern of the Order of the Outward Path, working with science ( eg. sociobiology, eugenics, genetics) and religion (the traditional Involutionary Inward Path.)

In the Will to Godhood there is a lack of relativism that climbs (evolves) to the Goal-Zenith of evolution, which is Godhood. This is a teleological end, not a wait-to-see-the-outcome end. But since we have not evolved enough to know the precise way to evolve to God, we must study life, evolution, natural selection, etc. to find answers, while working with Perennial Religion, which has claimed to know, more or less, the God we are evolving to. Here is where the Evolutionary Christian Church combines the Involutionary Inward Path of Traditional Religion with the Evolutionary Outward Path of science.

God has “immutable laws” but they are deeply contained in the dialectic-like changes of evolution's Will to Godhood.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is Ethnic Federalism A Viable Idea?

Ethnic Federalism is a term that needs serious exploration as a principle on which America and Europe could organize, but also Africa, Arabia, China and other states as well.

This is a way to pursue peace between states and people, based on an ethnic and linguistic federalism. People do not want to be taken over by any form of imperialism, whether racial, capitalist or socialist imperialism, or any “ism” hidden under the guise of universalism or internationalism.

Ethnic states, small homelands, have a natural identity; homogeneity is stability. Ethnic federalism can strengthen communities and offer a return to the sources of real life, traditional life.

This does not mean aggressive nationalism. When people love their own land and their own people they are able to understand how to love foreign people, they can affirm the right to differences, which can replace all the negative forms of imperialism. This is not racist ideology, this keeps differences from disappearing, this is a refuge against racial imperialism.

Ethnic Federalism is not necessarily a new concept of society, but it opens up new ways of dealing with our modern world. It seems to me that the United States already has a federal division of states, and even a Constitutional framework, which could legally harmonize with ethnic federalism; this might truly be a way to calm the growing tensions in this country, as it could be in other countries.

(Here is an article from Euro-Synergies related to this subject, which may require translation.)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Defining God and Trusting God

“Trusting God” depends very much on how one defines God. If you define God as “only” the God Within, which is really or Spirit-Within, then you will trust in a limited--however great--view of God.

If you trust the God of the Kosmos as being the Zenith of the evolution of the Spirit-Within, guiding the material world to Godhood, then you are putting your trust in a God far beyond the Soul-Within, although the Soul, having reason, can help guide the Spirit.

Evolution to God creates a less involuted person, a less passive person than the person solely devoted to the Soul-Within. To reach God we need both the Inward Knowledge of the Soul-Within and the Outward Knowledge of the evolution of the Spirit To God.

Enlightened Man

The “Enlightened Man” is not only one who has realized or become one with the Soul-Within, as we have been told by the Involutionary Gurus. The Enlightened Man has seen the Spirit as, above all, the activator of future evolution to Godhood. That is, Godhood is not merely uniting through involution with the Soul-Within, Godhood is arrival at the goal and zenith of evolution in the Kosmos, through the Evolutionary Outward Path of material evolution, activated by the Spirit.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Spirit and the Soul-Within

The Involutionary Inward Path contacts the Soul, which is the Zenith of the Mind in the body. Scientists have found that in meditation it is the prefrontal cortex of the brain that is experiencing union with the All, not the limbic system, where such things as sexual arousal in reproduction take place.

The Zenith of the Spirit-Within is the Will to Godhood, and it needs to be working in harmony with the Body-Mind-Soul. The Spirit is guided by the Soul, and the Soul is activated by the Spirit. The Spirit-Within is the Will to Godhood of survival and reproduction. But this Spirit requires the Zenith of the Body, the Mind-Soul, and Its abilities to reason etc, to help develop sacred evolutionary reproduction and not merely profane devolutionary reproduction, which can happen when the Spirit is unguided by the Soul-Mind.

The Spirit alone, without the Mind-Soul is merely unguided Prana, Dionysian bioenergy, which can lead to devolutionary reproduction without the guidance of the Mind-Soul. The Soul, alone, without the Spirit-Within (Will to Godhood) can lead to static bliss at best, or merely bliss addiction with no Will to evolve further to Godhood. At worst, it is the complete neglect of the body and the Spirit-Within.

The Soul-Within is not God or Godhood but is a guide to Godhood. The Soul, which is the Zenith of the Mind, is activated to evolve to Godhood by the Spirit, which is the Will to Godhood. The Soul is the goal of the Involutionary Inward Path, and Godhood is the goal of the Spirit in the Evolutionary Outward Path. One could say that the Spirit is the Spark of the Soul.

We do not deny the goals and insights of the Inward Path to the Soul, we include them. But we insist that the greater insight of the Spirit-Within is the evolution of the Spirit-Within and the Soul-Within to Godhood through material evolution, affirmed in the Evolutionary Outward Path.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is the Theoevolutionary Church A Science?

The Theoevolutionary Church is a religion and a science, synthesizing both, claiming both. Each side ideally keeps the other from arrogance or presumptuous bias. We do not wish to manipulate either science or religion to serve TC. We descend from both religion and science.

Why Pure Science Is Not Enough

Unlike pure science we can pre-state the way the world evolves, and we can also predict it as well. The natural laws, for us, are sufficient to describe the pattern of evolution, natural selection is not even lawless, and God is more than merely the “creativity” of the universe. We can even suggest what causes the Kosmos to evolve.

We do still need the agent God, and He can still be a fully natural God. The material evolves to Godhood.

Reason and science are important, but they remain insufficient. We need to use emotion, intuition, imagination, and yes, revelation and oracles to understand the Kosmos. And courage, too, is vital, because the universe does evolve in a linear way, with reversals and turns as well, but this means there is a higher and a lower order of complexity and consciousness, which may not fit politically correct versions of an egalitarian world; scientists and humanists in general have been inexcusably weak (biased) in this area.

The Politically Correct Evolution of Technology

The emergence of a new form of life through technology and cultural evolution has become the politically correct way to bypass human evolution, that is, let machines evolve, not humans (see the “Singularity Institute For Artificial Intelligence”) This is a tragic mistake. We can have both, we must have both. God is not a machine of technology, God is a natural object at the Zenith of Biological-Spiritual evolution, and we, life, must evolve to Godhood, along with our technology.

Human Nature Outlawed

Nature and Human Nature is simply outlawed, bypast, in many laws and positions put forward by the Liberal Humanists and Socialists. This is absurd and would be dismissed as absurd if it were not so damaging to our culture and civilization.

Revitalized Conservatism
affirms real human nature, which is where the true harmony occurs with people and nature, although this does not preclude such things as competition, resentment; even hierarchy, if anything, it applauds these natural things.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"A trip where the journey is not half the fun..."

..."These foreign policy failures and military defeats — or even more embarrassing “victories” — become just two of a larger series of crises, including the economic crisis (depression followed by runaway inflation), foreign exchange crisis (collapse of the dollar), political crisis (no one in the Establishment knows what to do, but the Establishment offers the voters no alternative to itself), energy crisis, etc. Together, these discrete crises snowball into a systemic crisis, which is what happens when the outside world demands greater change than the political system permits. At that point, the political system collapses and is replaced by something else. In the old days, it meant a change of dynasty. What might it mean today? My guess is a radical devolution, at the conclusion of which life is once again local.

That would be, on the whole, a happy outcome. But I fear this will be a trip where the journey is not half the fun..."

"On War #300: Retrospective" By William S. Lind, April 15, 2009

More of the grim article here

On Gender

Defining gender seems to be up in the air today, but it need not be. Sociobiology defined gender by looking back at the Paleolithic, which evolved the very same gender qualities we have today. Gender is defined very clearly as being Traditional, all the rest is noise and propaganda for various causes.

Conservatives and Libertarians

Basically, Libertarians put economics above the community, Conservatives put community above economics. There are variations in this, such as, “Conservative Libertarians” and “Libertarian Anarchists,” but the difference between Libertarians and Conservatives is defined by where they place their values and morals regarding community and economics.

Economic production can only be considered a means to a higher end. In the Evolutionary Christian Church the highest end is our evolution to Godhood and all that this requires. Free Enterprise has been a marvelous dynamic for creating wealth, and it must be affirmed, but it must also be subordinated to the community; yet not so subordinate as to destroy incentive, as happened with Communism. Light subordination of economics, as in Light Federalism, is the healthy balance between economics and the needs of the community.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Evolutionary Christian Church is the religion of the future

With the Involutionary Inward Path each people will have its version of the Perennial Religion, which will bring the long dreamed of ecumenism. With the Evolutionary Outward Path each nation, each people will affirm its own history, its own separate development and evolution. Each people will be a people of God on the evolutionary path to Godhood.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Decline of Serious Music : A Review of “Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts,” from American Masters, PBS Wed 4-08-09

The musical decline of serious music since 1945 led us to Philip Glass, as music began to lack a sense of tone, key, centering, and lack a place to return to. (See “Can There Be Great Composers Any More," by Webster Young.)  Glass seems to be trying to bring tonal music back, but he has not.

Composers rejected the historical retelling of past ages. They said “to hell with the past.” This attitude is reflected in all revolutionary movements, including political movements. In revolutionary movements each person is on their own, they can't refine previous techniques. This is important because our present achievements are as much the result of past achievements as personal genius. Mozart did not invent most of the features of his music, he improved on the work of past composers.

A conservative, or neoclassicist builds on the past. His work is a culmination of what went before. He does not need to create a mini-revolution and be innovative in all ways. The ancient classical ideals involved beauty and harmony, clarity of form, nobility of subject, and meaningfulness. Meaningless beauty is not classical. The concern that the work be only original rather than asking how beautiful the work is, has created mediocre works, because all past musical tradition has not been involved in the work.

The “new” is not rejected in neoclassical music, as the revolutionaries falsely claim to advance themselves, the old should have a grain of the new but not a whole field of untested grain. In modern music and modern art the new is a destruction of the old. So why would composers (or any kind of revolutionary) wish to destroy? Why not develop old forms rather than discard them? Why destroy old forms when destroying them only alienates audiences and ruins the economics of serious music?

We cannot really know the psychology of individual revolutionaries, but we can see patterns and general traits. The key to understanding Philip Glass seems to reside in his stated belief that if you don't like his music, don't listen to it, he could care less. Glass is syncretistic, fusing widely different forms, he has attempted to combine the melody and rhythm of Hindu music with the melody and harmony of Western music; but he ended up rejecting Western harmony for a monotonous version of Eastern melody and rhythm.

Often individual modernists are simply not a part of the old neoclassical culture. Often the modernists simply have no talent for neoclassical music. Often modernists have problems with authority in general. Often modernists are egocentric, or megalomaniacal. Or often modernists display all of these traits. Philip Glass is defined in all of these categories.

Certainly a return to neoclassicism will one day be strongly fueled by the usurpation of this inferior clique. We need artists and critics to begin to speak out against this usurpation.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Protectionists Were Right

The Protectionists Were Right - On the Idiocy of Interdependency and Export-Driven Economies by Kent Welton, essay here at Economy In Crisis.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Our Differences With New Age Involution

The New Age and the Wilberian perspective calls for change in the “Memetic and Psychic” aspects of the human population, which places the New Age in the Involutionary Inward Path of Traditional Religion. The new human species they call for, e.g. “homo noeticus (EnlightenedNext 2008) physically resembles Homo Sapiens but has a “marked increase in consciousness.” This is defined as “evolution.” But it is really involution.

The Evolutionary Christian Church calls for more than the conscious evolution (really involution) which defines the ancient Inward Path. We seek to combine the Inward Path of Involution with the Outward Path of Evolution. The coming species will evolve far beyond the human species, and far beyond increased human consciousness. God-Consciousness is not human-consciousness. We can reach the Soul-Within through religious disciplines involving the Inward Path, but this must not be mistaken for God or Godhood. This grave mistake creates a Great Spiritual Blockade against the evolution to Godhood.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Mediation of the Divine Plan

Evolution is the scientific version of both the human alchemy of the Kabbalah and Hegelian concepts of mediation, which can now be mediated through the Evolutionary Christian Church. We will evolve to Godhood through mediated evolution. We can harness the energies of left, right, science, and religion, for evolution. Evolution used to be a matter of chance, now it can be a matter of choice.

However, affirming Conservatism, we evolve forward while looking back to see what was possible for humans in the past. We recognize the Divine Plan that guides humanity and the Kosmos. We don't neglect history but we don't neglect the future either.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

What Our Philosophy Offers

The Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) provides a new conceptual framework for understanding and interpreting human society. The old theoretical tools are no longer valid, ECC presents a new guide, a new power system, new concepts, a new future, and a new synthesis.

Unlike revolutionary philosophies, ECC purposefully does not liquidate the past world views of either tradition or modernism, we reconcile and synthesize them in a Revitalized Conservatism. This keeps EC from becoming only more “opium for the intellectuals” (Raymond Aron). ECC is based in the reality of natural science along with Perennial Religion.

We do not affirm the anarchic libertarianism that grew out of the modern French philosophical rejection of all authority and power. Our master is Godhood, and the Spirit-Within and the Soul-Within life which activates and guides life, working along with natural selection, evolving all the way to Godhood.

We avoid the tyranny that often comes from the “Hegelian Dream” (Bernard Levi) of truth coming into the world, by affirming Conservatism, small steps of change in a Revitalized Conservatism which still embraces evolution. This conservatism keeps us away from the will to tyranny that infects most structures of power. We therefore do not agree that the ECC contains only the “seeds of totalitarianism” (Gluckmann). All material systems do not become Stalinism or Hitlerism.

And we do not speak of the tyranny of reason or the oppressiveness of science, we require all the reason and science available to understand the Evolutionary Outward Path to God, which works in conjunction with the Involutionary Inward Path to the Soul-Within. We are not afraid of power as the new anarchic libertarians seem to be, we sublimate power to evolve to God.

We are, however, still a “school in the making,” we are one of the first--if not the first--traditional religious theologies to fully embrace sociobiology and futurism in the path toward Godhood. Our gurus are not Marx, Foucault or Solzhenitsyn, but Jesus Christ, Raymond Cattell, Edward O. Wilson, and of course Darwin.

If the truth of a theological and philosophical system is it's realization in the world and in history, then the truth of theological materialism and the ECC is yet to be fully realized. We do not want to be only a “terror of theory,” yet we do not deny the ideal that we want to attain Godhood at evolution's zenith. We think we offer a new theology-philosophy that is more than merely opposition to old ideas, we offer a new movement with sound, coherent ideas or our own, which involves all systems.

(This essay is a response to “The Poverty of the New Philosophy") by Fatos Tarifa, Modern Age, Summer, 2008)

Friday, April 03, 2009

The Spirit-Within Is Not Trapped

The Spirit-Within is not trapped, as was covertly and overtly suggested by both the Gnostics and Traditional Religion. The Spirit-Within is with us to help, to guide, to activate and give life to our Soul-Body, it is our contact with the True God of the Kosmos. The Spirit-Within evolves with us to Godhood, where it attains its Supreme Goal.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Grand Reconciliation

Adjusting to the framework of reality

Religion needs to fit into the deep framework of evolution, which defines God's world. However, a Conservative will not force culture into reality but will take smaller steps in this direction. Our task is to resuscitate and include traditional religion in the wake of evolution and modern science which have all but abandoned religion.

The Evolutionary Christian Church keeps the framework of traditional religion within the Involutionary Inward Path and moves or reconciles this framework into the framework of evolution in the Evolutionary Outward Path. We reach Godhood this way, by managing tradition and counter-tradition, counter-revolution and revolution, left and right, in and out, science and religion.

Religion and science are not evil toxins that must be insulated from one another, they need to fit into the same framework.