Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ordered Freedom Within Evolution

This should be the rallying cry of conservatism, freedom within evolution, or ordered evolution, rather than freedom within order, or ordered freedom.

The order in real evolution comes from the long-term need of conservative stability, which provides the time for positive rather than negative cultural and genetic traits to rise to the surface. Radicalism turns over the game table before the game is completed.

That is the way to move the evolution of life forward conservatively, while evolving toward higher beauty, truth and goodness. Human beings can assist in this process by the choices they make, with the goal of evolving to Godhood as the zenith of religious and cultural goals.

Directly related to freedom within evolution, or ordered evolution, is the idea that group-selection needs to be accommodated first, with individual selection following after, because group-selection remains the primary means of successful survival and reproduction, and given human nature, it remains at the origin of real social altruism. Group-selection, or ethnocentrism, is often hidden behind the lies of various "isms," especially beneath libertarianism which worships the individual.

We have been gradually learning what human nature actually is over human history, along with its connection to biological evolution and human culture. Ethnopluralism, the next version of conservatism, is the most harmonious way to proceed toward ordered freedom within evolution.

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