Thursday, February 28, 2008

Inseparable Natural and Supernatural

Affirming the Catholic Church

Catholics have believed that there should be no false separation between the natural and the supernatural. The natural is seen as the path to the supernatural. The Church believes that there is perfect compatibility between faith and reason.

We see this as being an essential Western perspective, and we interpret this as the way for the Church to affirm science and evolution. This is why the Catholic Church is superior, and this is a central reason why we affirm it.

We see the natural path of biological evolution, which can be mostly understood by reason, as leading to the supernatural and Godhood, which can be mostly seen by faith. Catholic universities reaching back to the very first universities believed that there should be no separation between the natural and supernatural, and this is how we expand and affirm that concept. Will the Church agree? I suppose we shouldn't hold our breath.

Saving Christianity

The “new religion” of science, which has been very gradually growing since the Renaissance, does have something to add to religion. This new religion may eventually destroy Christianity. We must transmute this new religion of science into the old religion of Christendom, the way the stages of the human nervous system did not destroy the old nervous system but incorporated-while-transcending the old system, the reptilian brain led to the mammalian brain built upon it, not the exclusion of the reptilian.

The combination of involution and evolution, representing religion and science, which is synthesized in the Theoevolutionary Church, can save religion from its increasing deterioration. We see no other organization which seems concerned with this great task. If Christianity rejects the bio-spiritual (but really supermaterial) aspects of evolution it will doom itself to the fate of the old pagan religions. But when Christianity rises again it will contain these evolutionary bio-spiritual elements.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No Split

The ideas (or truths) of the Theoevolutionary Church do not contradict the Church, they are of another evolutionary realm, whereas the truths of the Church are involutionary.

We have affirmed the material world, after centuries of neglect by religion. This is a reconciliation of the spiritual and the material by way of material evolution to supermaterial Godhood, not a split, and not a denial of the truths of the Church; both realms are needed to attain Godhood. We very much want to retain the unity of the Church.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Sacred Conjunction

Traditionalists denounce “evolutionism,” it seems to me, because it talks in terms of “progress” in evolution: the origin of the thing is less important than the form the thing eventually attains. That is, they say God is greater than any evolving thing could be, so how could there be “progress?”

The Evolutionary Christian Church affirms the conjunction of two worldviews: we acknowledge the sovereignty of God yet we affirm cosmic evolution as the way to arrive at progressively higher states, and life forms, until the highest Godhood is attained.

We join with the Traditionalists in their ancient involutionary way to see and contact the God within. Many of us may resemble our earthly father, but more importantly, we contain the image within of our heavenly Father, at the zenith of evolution, which is not merely an image.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Affirming The Continuity Of The Church

We insist on transmuting the evolutionary side of the Theoevolutionary Church to the involutionary Traditional Church, which contains the continuity of civilization from the time of Christ to the Roman Empire to today. A break from this continuity or unity is not affirmed. From our side we acknowledge no break with the Church, regarding the Involutionary Inward Path. We have added the Evolutionary Outward Path. This is our Twofold Path.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Opening The Floodway

Opening The Floodway

The Evolutionary Christian Church initiates what we call “Opening The Floodway” to release The Great Spiritual Blockade ( i. e. the denial by Tradition of biological-spiritual evolution.)

The Great Spiritual Blockade has blocked at least the following: The Traditional ( Primordial Wisdom, the prototype ), Various Sacred Forms (secondary spiritual centers to the original ), Ethnic Chosen (claims of exclusive ethnic knowledge of Primordial Wisdom ), Exoteric Shells ( religions with external aspects of Tradition ), and Litterali (profane rejection or ignorance of the sacred .)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Inner United With Outer

In the general view of Christian history the “outer” barbarian is always wrestling with “inner” traditional Christianity, and this view was set from the beginning by the general ethos against “materialism.” The Evolutionary Christian Church wants to retain every scrap of the inner tradition, yet it also wants to include  outer evolution, based on the inner Soul and Spirit must evolve by the outer means of bio-spiritual materialism. Godhood is the highest evolved Objects in the cosmos.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Beyond Satori

The Evolutionary Bodhisattva

It is another New Age cop-out to describe eternity as “timelessness” in the “present moment,” or to describe the “now-moment” as eternity. The notion of “everlasting time,” or biological immortality is thus disparaged, (see Ken Wilber or Andrew Cohen) and so the Christian as well as the materialist view is disparaged.

Deeper knowledge within the now-moment, which Eastern religions are so found of, is blocked out by what we call “The Great Spiritual Blockade,” where Gurus East and West enjoy swimming and engorging themselves in their personal satoris.

That which we see and experience in the satori is a virtual glimpse of that which we must evolve to, biologically and spiritually, so that we can attain everlasting life and Godhood --- not merely dwelling in the Spirit's present moment.

A “Virtual Bodhisattva” seeks to sink the material world into the now-moment of human satori. The “Evolutionary Bodhisattva” seeks the evolution of the human-experienced satori all the way to God-experienced Godhood, by way of material-spiritual evolution.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Involve to awaken Evolve to arrive at who awakened you

It is not enough to directly unite with divinity in prayer or meditation, yet this is often the sole goal of most religions and most metaphysical schools.  This is called “Holy Silence” in Christianity, and “Nirvana” in East, etc. This uniting is a very profound connection with the Infinite, yet it is more a glorious, virtual connection, meant to help us toward our larger goal. To truly unite or reintegrate with the Infinite requires evolution, material-supermaterial evolution, all the way to the God we have first seen within. As our saying goes: Involve to awaken. Evolve to arrive at who awakened you.

Intellectual Intuition, Not Only Revelation

Explaining knowledge from intellectual intuition loses something in translation. We do affirm the theological knowledge of the Church, which is based in faith, yet metaphysical knowledge seems to be more direct, not always accessible to all who believe through faith alone.

We think our knowledge can be in harmony with the Church. The Church must be formal to communicate to large groups of people. Yet we hope to enliven the form, which has lost much of its spiritual force.

We speak in a new mode which we think is appropriate for our modern, or at least our future, environment. After years of preparation we still feel like solitary, spontaneous initiates, and so we cannot speak as accepted spiritual masters. The Primordial Truth lives on in any case. it is material and supermaterial, sacred and religious.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Evolution and the Traditionalists

The rejection of evolution by the Traditionalist School always troubled me, I see it as a great error on an otherwise superior view of religion. Evolution has to be understood within religion and metaphysics, as part of the activating way of the Kosmos to attain Godhood.

Before we can attain Godhood we do have the consolation of contacting the God-Within, the Soul, and here at least the Traditionalist School and traditional religion can help. Science, or at least future science, can help in evolving to the God we have first contacted within. We must better learn how to evolve to Godhood.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Beyond the Noosphere

We need to go far beyond the grand unification of human consciousness, which Pierre Teilhard de Chardin defined as the “godhead” or the “omega point.” We need to go beyond the “noosphere,” beyond Teilhard's “thinking layer,” which he hoped would surround the planet (much like the Internet came to do) like a collective mind (not unlike Jung's collective human unconscious in the interior of our minds and souls.) We must evolve beyond the noosphere if we wish to reach Godhood.

We have been moving from matter to life to mind, and we will continue to move to supermind, but mind and body evolve together, and on to future species, and beyond to Godhood. Scientific materialism soon must include this religious perspective within its calculations, we must have an evolution-friendly vision of science and religion which celebrates both. Theological materialism and the Evolutionary Christian Church affirms this vision.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Evolutionary Archetype: Uniting Jung and Teilhard

We see no need to make a split between Carl Jung and Teilhard de Chardin, where Teilhard's spiritual yearning is wrongly judged as only evolutionary and not archetypal. The yearning for God is found within the Evolutionary Archetype. The urge comes not only from the depths of our psyche but also from the depths of the Kosmos where God dwells.

Jung need not be confined to the past, to ancient archetypes, and Teilhard to future evolution, since the Evolutionary Archetype contains both, and these great thinkers saw aspects of the same archetype.

As Carter Phipps pointed out, the root of the word archetype is “arche,” which means “first principle,” and the Evolutionary Archetype is the first principle in both the past and the future.

Jung's archetypes need not be placed merely in the conservative camp and Teilhard's in the progressive, since Jung's archetypes and Teilhard's evolutionary force are united in the Evolutionary Archetype. This means we need not speak of “post-traditional” or “post-mythological” as Ken Wilber and the New Age tend to do.

Jung might have been trying to align his concept of archetypes with the process of evolution. On his bed stand three weeks before his death was a copy of Teilhard's book, “The Phenomenon of Man.”

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Jung, Teilhard, and the Evolutionary Archetype of the Theoevolutionary Church

Carl Jung and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin are considered to have contrasting archetypal and evolutionary worldviews, yet since both virtually stop at human consciousness, no matter how advanced, they are in this sense occupying the same turf of human consciousness.

We suggest that one can take Jung's inner search to the deepest past archetypes and arrive at Teilhard's “evolutionary motive force,” which is the Spirit within, what Teilhard calls the energy of Christ in the world. But we go much further than Jung or Teilhard when we suggest that the motive force within, which we could call the Evolutionary Archetype, or Spirit Archetype, is helping to activate evolution (guided by the Soul, which is the zenith of the mind-body) beyond human complexity-consciousness all the way to Godhood. We do not and cannot stop at human consciousness, no matter how advanced that consciousness. We must evolve immensely farther, far beyond the human, to future species with far higher consciousness, all the way to Godhood, which will then fulfill the deepest Evolutionary Archetype or Spirit Archetype of the Will-to-Godhood.

When Jung's archetypes are this way deepened to affirm a truly evolutionary archetype, Jung then becomes an involutionary religious thinker. And when Teilhard's evolutionary motive force is seen as an archetype, he too is understood as applying involution more than evolution toward his noosphere. We affirm a truly evolutionary scientific perspective toward Godhood, as well as the involutionary religious path to the Soul-Within; we go far beyond human consciousness, or global consciousness, beyond the present political correctness of both religion and science. God awaits those who make the evolutionary adventure.

(For a more politically correct comparison of Jung and Teilhard see “The Cosmos, The Psyche And You” by Carter Phipps at “What Is Enlightenment.”)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Esoterism, Religion and the Evolutionary Christian Church

We prefer, at least at this time, not to get caught up in the arcane “battles” of the Traditionalist School with exoteric religions, because going inward, which we call involution, and seeing God, or at least experiencing an astonishing aspect of God, is only half (if that) of our spiritual path. We think that it has been possible in both authentic Tradition and inauthentic religion to find the God within, although a Traditionalist initiation is probably the better path to inward enlightenment. Roman Catholicism in the West possesses such a way to know God within, as witnessed by the mystics and saints, and Catholicism has included other excellent Western knowledge. Hinduism also has its saints and it has, perhaps, preserved more of very ancient, authentic Tradition than any present organization, with the Abrahamic Tradition following close behind.

Our task has been to introduce the entirely neglected bio-spiritual element which leads to true Godhood, that is, biological evolution. We think that a Great Spiritual Blockade has taken place in Tradition and in religions, which has blocked knowledge of the bio-spiritual path of evolution to God, and we have found no evidence that this is a hidden dimension within Tradition, to the contrary, biology has been considered almost satanic when in reality biology is the method to evolve to Godhood. We would have compared our actions to cutting the Gordian Knot, had we not appreciation for the Traditionalists, who prefer to laboriously untie the knot, so we respectfully leave them to their ritual. Also, our respect for the general philosophy of Conservatism keeps us working within “the possible.”

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Conservative Evolution

The inclusion of evolution and genetic engineering in religion is, of course, considered absurd, at least until it is understood that we must evolve to Godhood. Political totalitarianism is also assumed, at least until it is understood that the classical, Western, American system of equal justice under law is certainly affirmed. Evolutionary programs can work in harmony with the American concept, which affirms equality of opportunity but not equality of final reward. America is a Christian nation, therefore, the typical 20 percent who always need assistance should be given the opportunity to advance, especially the children. People cannot be forced to advance. Totalitarian systems always end up destroying all classes of people. We need to maintain the classic balance of order, freedom and justice, which the American Constitution champions, as we evolve.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Teaching Democratic Principles

During this election period we might do well to reread “The Political Principles of Robert A. Taft,” by Russell Kirk and James McClellan. Ron Paul's attempts to teach democratic principles resemble Taft's battles to restore federalism, the separation of powers, and the Bill of Rights.

The framers of the Constitution clearly knew that every democracy in history finally degenerated into tyranny, an empire or a kingdom. Listen to this 1946 quote from Taft: “We have fooled ourselves in the belief that we could teach another nation democratic principles by force. Why, we can't even teach our own people sound principles of government.”