Friday, March 31, 2017

Where optimism exists

It was not "creative destruction" it was just destruction of one very old social force by a newer force. A relativity of values replaced morality---largely Christian morality. Even science continued to try to be value-free and refused to look seriously at the natural morality affirmed by evolutionary sciences such as sociobiology.

Who benefited from this revolution, who benefited from this destruction of morality? The vulgar materialism of globalism and the propaganda of cultural Marxism benefited, and the people who pushed these things benefited. At least in the short term.

Is any optimism possible?

If we don't blow ourselves up, biological selection will continue---it remains deeply within nature and within human nature and will always be renewed. But the identities of those who replace the relativity of values is not yet clear.

You know who I want to be a contender: I want to see the forces of decentralization create an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, in line with real human nature. This can even be done conservatively, at least in the U. S., by affirming the constitutional separation of powers and states, possibly with a few amendments, and protected by federalism.

And more deeply I want to see the philosophy of theological materialism affirm the long-term material evolution of life toward supermaterial Godhood.

For me this is where optimism exists. Is it realistic? It probably requires various kinds of heroes to get it functioning---but it has reality on its side.

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