Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hidden biological ambitions in religion and politics

Yes, it is men who choose ideas, and it is men who do more to ideas than ideas do to men, as historian John Lukacs has said, but beneath ideas and beneath the religions and politics of men are the far stronger and often hidden biological ambitions of survival and reproductive success.

Individual success is not the central unit of successful selection, group-selection or ethnocentrism is, and so all people and all nations tend think of themselves as chosen people and choose ideas according to that value system.

Big problems come internally and externally when one people define themselves as the only chosen in the face of all people thinking of themselves that way. So we must find a way to harmonize naturally all these people thinking of themselves as chosen.

The idea of "divinity" is real but not the one you may think of as divinity: divinity is the sacred material activation within all life to evolve in the material world toward material (or supermaterial) Godhood.

The almost obvious answer to the hidden biological ambitions in religion and politics is an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, where there can be no good reason to hide behind hypothetical or false ideas, and where forms of federalism and subsidiarity can protect their independence.

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