Saturday, March 11, 2017

The absence of the material evolution to Godhood sets religion down an incomplete path

It is the absence of the spiritual that Aquinas and others ascetics called evil, following Christ (also the Vedas, Buddha etc.) and this is where the religious transformation needs to take place. Theological materialism sees things the other way around, it is the absence of the material evolution to Godhood which sets religion down an incomplete path---notice I did not use the word "evil."

Why this hatred of the material? The material world is the very vehicle by which we evolve to Godhood. Isn't it a bit weird to "save" the material world by destroying it, especially when it can be reformed?

This comes from the sacred pull of a mistaken (but emotional) intuition of the real path of material evolution to Godhood. This was the great confounding, the great spiritual blockade, the ruined intellection of the path to God.

Yes, there is a negative type of joy in ascetically blocking all material desires, but that religious hedonism should not be misidentified as God: it is only the Inward Path hint (which can be retained but transformed) of the Outward Path Godhood reached through material evolution.

For those who hurl religious insults, it does not take a beast, or The Beast, to affirm the material evolution to Godhood, it takes honest and courageous men and women willing to affirm the sacred goal of civilizing the beast on the evolutionary path to Godhood. Spiritual asceticism ends in spiritual nothingness, whereas material evolution ends in supermaterial Godhood.

I don't have the chutzpah to say that a non-material Creator is an "uncreated creator," I doubt it. But I will say that the material activation within life toward Godhood is material (the material Spirit-Will) and material evolution is the means to attain real Godhood.

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