Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Nature has a different take on metaphysics than humans (reblog from Aug. 2014)

Nietzsche tried to show how metaphysics and logic were in service to survival, and that “truth” was not the first need in this. Logic equalized things that were not equal for its own requirements. Consciousness itself grew in relation to what was needed for security. Powerful people, lawmakers, made these things into law, and philosophers and artists created the various abstract categories---what they created was needed for their own survival even though they claimed it was for other things, usually without knowing the real source. The science of sociobiology couldn’t have said it better.

But then Nietzsche replaced the old metaphysics with a will-to-power which had no goal and no morality and no truth other than power, even immorality was accepted as a power source. But this was not a natural metaphysics, as Nietzsche thought it was, because nature has a goal, and that is to evolve life to the zenith of success in survival and reproduction, which is another clearer version of religious Godhood. This is where natural morality, or natural metaphysics needs to come from. Real “truth” this way can be harmonized with survival in a real way, which includes morality and religion. Abstractions and categories are put in their place as related or unrelated to real life, evolution, and the goals of real material evolution.

There is a kind of “faith” in the truth and in end-goals involved here, but it is a faith backed by truth more as applied in Michael Polanyi's terms, that is, something is true if it reveals deeper meaning, if it has potential for future discoveries or manifestations---and I would add if it has real long-term survival and reproductive value---and not merely because something could be true because it could be proven exactly with scientific methodology, or a logic redesigned by the biases of man, which are too limiting to be fully true. Truth has to get back to real objects and not mere definitions and abstractions. Godhood is more than the metaphysical, non-material, abstract definition of God, Godhood is a real supermaterial object, or objects, which we can evolve to become in the material world, if we follow nature's evolutionary course.

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