Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bourgeois Plus

I am glad to be an American who affirms the bourgeois values that made America and the Western world strong, and in saying that I am not saying that the religious values of theological materialism are not deeper and higher goals. I am also not saying that hierarchy's are wrong and should not exist---the bourgeoisie never said it either.
Totalitarian Marxism and totalitarian Big Government still promoted in the academic world and in the Big Media actually objects to prosperity among the masses and the freedom and dignity of the middle class brought on mainly by bourgeois economics.

It is good to hear of Deirdre McCloskey's positive thesis on this great prosperity which began in the 18th century in northwestern Europe due to the advance of the ideas and actions of "Bourgeois Equality" (Modern Age, Winter 2017). Living standards improved for ordinary citizens one hundred percent from pre-industrial society.

Bourgeois economics need not rule all values, the real bourgeois never said it should. The negative "democracy of thieves" (Helen Pinkerton) or the Marxist and Big Government totalitarian approach (right or left) still promoted in the academic world and in the Big Media have proven to be useless in raising the standard of living or in raising cultural standards for the masses.

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