Friday, March 17, 2017

Any diet that controls weight and keeps it off is good

I believe weight control, calorie control, is the foundation of good health and not doing so is the cause of most modern health problems: High blood pressure, Cholesterol problems, Heart trouble, Cancer, even Arthritis.

Any diet that controls weight and keeps it off is good, but some food is better than others, and so it is better to eat the better food.

I believe the best food is basically Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Nuts and Fruit---eating this ancient Paleo food prevents all kinds of health problems, BUT ONLY IF CALORIE RESTRICTIONS ARE IN PLACE.

If eating good food doesn't work to control weight with calorie restrictions, and eating less good food does better to help control weight, than it is better to eat less good food and control ones weight.

Any kind of food that can help control weight is healthier than being overweight. But in any diet, good or bad, some kind of self-discipline may not be avoided, such as not eating after dinner, or whatever.

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