Wednesday, March 08, 2017

This reality needs to be acknowledged

Material life (A) seeks supermaterial Godhood (Z) and does so by way of material, evolutionary, survival and reproductive success (B), and social power (C).

Without social power the other goals are not fully successful, but this doesn't place power first in the hierarchy of forces and goals as modern philosophers have suggested. Like reproduction, power is a secondary to the primary material Will-Spirit-To-Godhood which activates within life in the first place.

Even happiness, the highest goal of many philosophers, is secondary to the instinctive forces that use happiness and pleasure to encourage the necessary hunger for food and sex.

Some seek wisdom and some seek social power, and some declare that power is evil---but even the power-is-evil-philosophy requires power to establish, which has led to hypocrisy in religion. Without social power even wisdom cannot rule.

Few individual men have had both wisdom and social power, which is why power was often shared between priests and kings. Ancient Indo-European history seems to have developed a tripartite sharing system between priests, warriors, and food providers.

Ancient and modern humans can be wise or can be dangerous fools---be they democrats or aristocrats---but the A, B, C, Z structure outlined above remains true.

This indicates that religious philosophy is the foundation of the other philosophies.

To establish the religious philosophy of theological materialism and the political philosophy of ethnostatism this reality needs to be acknowledged.

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