Thursday, March 02, 2017

Pop Lesbianism

You may have noticed the epidemic of women and girls declaring themselves lesbian, especially in Hollywood, which influences pop fans. Who is next? Hermione Granger, or that other Emma of La La Land, or Swift of the legs? Most of these women probably don't study postmodern philosophy which does support them in its relativity of values, but it's more a pop cultural phenomenon.

Some of this is driven by modern technology which has made women less dependent on men. But technology has not at all changed the basic biology of gender differences which remain as they have always been, with nurturing/females and protecting-males genetically grounded. The authentic evolutionary sciences agree in this. These traits are not primarily culturally imposed, as cultural Marxism has been lying to us and the feminists.

Even though lesbians eventually do seem to have that old biologically-driven call to offspring, they use surrogate mothers and male sperm donors, which seems like an extreme dislike of males. This reminds me of that old study that showed lesbians were often molested as girls, which could lead to problems with normal gender relationships---although pop trends now make it okay for healthy girls to become lesbians (but probably soon ruins their psychological health.)

So what will happen with the lesbian trend? Breeding still matters, demographics still matter, and the Southern hemisphere is breeding way faster than the Northern hemisphere, which is not replacing itself, and the South is immigrating North in great numbers, and they don't like lesbians. Since the lesbians don't seem to value the protection of a male military, thinking they themselves can be superior warriors---which is total feminist nonsense---the pessimistic verdict on lesbianism and the West are related.

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