Thursday, March 09, 2017

It's called protective law and order, remember that?

Telling a young child that they can't play in traffic may cause them to call their parent a dictator (if they can pronounce the word) but parents stop them from playing in traffic anyway whether the child agrees or not. Childish adults are now objecting to vetting immigrants, demanding no border controls, throwing tantrums in the street, and calling President Trump a dictator because he wishes to protect them from harm.

It's called protective law and order, remember that?

We cannot nurture the world even if women (and cuckolded liberal men) are inclined to do so. Men need to do their thing too, and that occasionally means protecting women and children even at the risk of few protests or tantrums against them. Contrast this with ancient Spartan women who told there sons to come back victorious on come back dead. That was also a form of nurturing, but with an awareness of the survival needs of the nation.

The question is, have the Big Media, pop culture, show business, feminism, the academic world, Big Nurturing Government, and indulgent childish parents corrupted and weakened the America people  beyond being saved?... I can't accept that. If we are to survive, the corrupting forces need to be faced and defeated.

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