Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A war between intelligence agencies? Is any side on the side of populist-nationalism and America?

It would take a grand political master---like a grand chess master---to figure out what is going on between what looks like a war between intelligence agencies. If President Trump isn't completely brought down, he may be weakened to the point that he won't threaten anybody for four years. This would block the populist-nationalist agenda, which could be the point of it all. But it really is difficult to see what is going on.

If President Trump has knowledge of being "wiretapped" from some other intelligence source, which the F.B.I. and the NSA doesn't know about, then they would be inept in their fields, or they would be lying. And in this underground battle there are other intelligence agencies from other countries, like Russia and Israel---whose side are they on? Why wouldn't Trump reveal his sources, if he has them, to save himself and his administration? If Trump thinks he would lose his personal wealth and power if he revealed his sources, and if he would rather sink the country than lose his wealth---then he would be some sort of megalomaniacal egoist. Or is President Trump really a populist-nationalist simply being destroyed by the global elite---whoever they are---whose power he very much threatens? And how about a war between various global elites, with Trump in the middle? Can any power block the power of the global elite?

In any case, the Big Media, the Democrats, the F.B.I., etc etc, seem to be in the process of bringing President Trump down... Is any side, including the President, on the side of  populist-nationalism and America?

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