Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Truth is in the object (reblog from August 28, 2014)

Our senses were not designed to find the truth, they were designed to select perceptions that help us survive and prosper, which is how the senses became what they are. We became conscious because it was useful to our success in survival, and super-consciousness will develop for the same purpose.

Nietzsche pointed out that we perceive images first, then words applied to the images, and then concepts. But I add that what came first was the object of the images. Why should concepts be put first as they often are in metaphysics, religion, philosophy and even science? We need to put the object first, that is where the truth exists in this dynamic.

The activating Super-Id or Spirit-Will within life seems to see everything as adapting to its desire to activate life to evolve to Godhood, while being shaped by outside evolution and selection. This creates/evolves both a course and refined view of things. Where is the truth in this process? The truth is in the object which the activating Spirit-Will and evolution have evolved.

Ideas, definitions even reason are effects of the object, not the cause. Even Godhood is a supremely evolved object, and ideas and conceptions of God are the effects of the object God, not the cause, as so much of metaphysics tells us leaving out the whole material world and real life in the process.

We aren't “biased” because we are designed to define truth as what is useful to the survival of the object, the object of survival is the truth. Godhood becomes the highest truth because Godhood is the highest evolved material/supermaterial object, or objects, and not because Godhood fits with a abstract version of metaphysics which is merely definition.

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