Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Are you sick of American pop culture and show business?

All those asshole producers and raunchy screen writers, all the chutzpah, the lack of talent, the fag designers who uglify women, television and Internet porn, the glossy decayed magazines, egomaniacs who "come out" as gay because it's trendy, the anti-white vibe, the stupid political positions emotionally presented at freak-show award ceremonies...I hate it all too much to continue the list.

The dream, the fantasy, is to start all over again, new producers, new actors, new writers, new social philosophy, new cities---any place other than than garbage Los Angeles and New York City. I'll bet the real nation living in the crime-free spaces between New York and Los Angeles would welcome it... If there are any billionaires who are still culturally healthy, step up.

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