Friday, March 10, 2017

The biological is political and the political is biological

Here is a reductionist statement for you: the biological is political and the political is biological. This defines "deep conservatism" even as it is considered politically incorrect. If their is a "grand narrative" of civilization this it it. This is what makes men believe as they do, and create the cultures that they do.

But deep within biology is the first cause of belief. Theological materialism does not deny the "spark of the divine soul," as Marxist materialism does, but it defines the soul and spirit as material, using the words "spirit" and "soul" to show the connection with traditional metaphysics reformed.

The phrase the "Spirit-Will-To-Godhood" defines the material activation within material life toward supermaterial Godhood by way of material evolution.

In theological materialism the morality play of human life is biological and material yet is still religious, which closes off the false separations, the great spiritual blockade, between religion, science, politics and art.

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