Sunday, March 05, 2017

What may follow the fall of the European Union and the American Empire?

An essay in Modern Age by Kevin McNamara, "A Europe Lost," got me thinking about what may follow the fall of the European Union and the American Empire.

The elite in both of these worlds are hostile to religion, nationalism and democracy. But who will defend the financial elite? No one likes them, including rising, not falling, Islam.

The Roman Empire was succeeded by the Holy Roman empire, which was succeeded by the empire of the Hapsburgs, which were succeeded by nationalism in 1918, which was succeeded by the American Empire and later the European Union. Both of the last mentioned are hostile to religion, nationalism and democracy.

Postmodern philosophy has only hastened the fall of the West, believing in nothing at all other than its own belief in nothing.

What is the next big movement which could bond economic, social, strategic, and cultural life? An ethnopluralism of ethnostates within nations, protected by federalism.

Ethnostates, at least in America, can be affirmed by the constitutional separation of powers and states. Democratic republics can continue.

Ethnostates provide the bonding that comes from affirming real human nature, which remains kin-centered and ethnocentric, as well as marriage-making, religion-making, group-selecting and other typically traditional things that define deep-conservatism.

As to religion, which was the deepest bond in all the empires and nations that came before us: I affirm the reform of theological materialism, which retains the old God or Father within of the Inward Path but transforms it in the Outward Path of material evolution to real supermaterial Godhood... That could bring in science, and that could last for many millenniums, and more, which is needed.

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