Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Illumination or Obfuscation?

Poetry in general is too concerned with show and not enough with truth. In fact modern poetry is often all show and no truth. People can be that way too.

Sometimes, sometimes, poetry can illuminate rather than only obfuscate. Does saying that mean that I put truth above beauty and goodness?

I think truth, beauty and goodness synthesize at their zenith, but different people with different talents take different paths toward the synthesis.

Many people do not believe that there is an end-goal or a syntheses to truth, beauty, and goodness, and so they and their work are all show and no truth.

The zenith of truth, beauty and goodness is Godhood, but a Godhood evolved to in the material world of real objects, and not a God of mere mental images or symbols or non-material spiritual representations.

The Vedas and Plato started, or at least deepened, this obfuscation, this great spiritual blockade, which needs to be transformed without losing religion.  That is the mission of theological materialism.

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