Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Real conservative renewal requires an ethnopluralism of ethnostates

Western people and Western ethic groups created Western civilization, and renewing only individualism (libertarianism) or nuclear families will not alone renew the West. Empires become too big and lose the group and the bonded-culture that formed them, and this then has much to do with why empires always fall and return to an ethnopluralism of ethnostates. It's stunning to see that this common sense statement is now considered politically incorrect---although populist-nationalist trends in the world seem to be changing this.

We have to applaud Allan Carlson for his work on reviving the family---which he calls familism---but I think he and other conservatives need to go deeper into human nature than individualism or familism to affirm the central unit of group-selection and ethnocentrism as having been the central unit of successful selection for human survival. The work of the great scientist E. O. Wilson has been more or less affirming this.

In the West not only the values of families have been destroyed but all other conservative values and morals have been destroyed. We now have federal decrees mandating the radical wing of the sexual revolution, with such things as transgenderism, and we have even worse decay than the decay that destroyed Greece and Rome.

Ethnic groups really are extended families, which then leads us see that states and regions were originally formed out of ethnic, altruistic, sociobiological imperatives. This is why it makes sense to affirm small virtually independent states as mainly ethnostates, protected in their variety by some kind of federalism---the federalism of the United States could even accommodate this. This way we work in harmony with real human nature, rather than trying to set up social structures---like violent, borderless Marxism, or the more deceitful cultural Marxism of people like Hillary Clinton---which fight against basic human nature and human history.

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