Monday, March 20, 2017

Religion and art need to celebrate the will, not block it

Contrary to Schopenhauer and any like-minded aesthetes and ascetics who went before him, religion and art need to celebrate the will, not block it.

I don't think Schopenhauer's "freedom" from the will is healthy (and likewise not Buddha long before him)---it is not really even possible in aesthetics or ascetics. That so-called freedom from the will is not objective either, it is more an illusion or delusion. It is more like murder.

The activating will or material Spirit-Will within life is not the enemy of art and religion, it is what leads toward the zenith of time, place, cause and effect, and leads toward the zenith of art and religion, which is material or supermaterial Godhood.

This is a Godhood that is not only not free from the material and material evolution but is the zenith of material evolution and the purpose and goal of the will or Spirit-Will-To-Godhood.

Was Nietzsche pointing toward this material understanding of the will, or was his will to power only another illusory spiritual power like his mentor Schopenhauer?

In any case religion need not be rejected as Nietzsche rejected it, but reformed...the spiritual God needs to be seen and understood as the material goal of material evolution.

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