Saturday, November 12, 2016

Racial animosity will not end with Trump any more than it did with Obama

When confronted with a problem Trump thrusts his chin out like Mussolini, but that kind of arrogant stance may be necessary for what president elect Trump is now facing.

Obama and Hillary have done nothing as yet to try to stem the "protesters" against Trump's election. The protesters are, as Justin Raimondo called them, "racial terrorists" enjoying a "criminal bacchanalia" looting and smashing windows and throwing projectiles at police, who are essentially not allowed to protect themselves.

Obama, Hillary, the Big Media, and all the ridiculous Hollywood actors have in fact been race-baiters blaming white police officers. That is some very serious agitation for our leaders to plant on the people.

Globalist big business has destroyed our economy and promoted open-border immigration to enhance themselves, helped along by greedy and probably traitorous politicians. We are attacked from without by Islamists and from within by race-baiters. Trump has said that this will not be tolerated in his administration. We will see.

Racial animosity will not end with Trump any more than it did with Obama, it may increase. Ethnic competition and ethnocentrism are a natural part of human nature, having been the way humans were successful in survival and reproduction for thousands of years, and the origin of group-bonding altruism. Accepting the reality of ethnocentrism is necessary, denying all differences has only made things worse, which would be obvious without the lies of the Big Media and the academic community.

But Trump is not the leader to advocate the ethnopluralism of ethnostates which will eventually be necessary for any kind of longer term peace and harmony on earth. That is the inevitable political action of the future. The U.S. can eventually do this by enhancing the constitutional separation of powers and states.

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