Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Three thoughts on Donald Trump winning the presidency

As I absorbed the fact that Donald Trump won the presidency, three thoughts gradually rose to the surface, other than the thought we were right in saying that whoever wins this election it will be due to ethnocentric voting dynamics.

Trump's win showed that "the people" are not as brainwashed and indoctrinated by the Big Media as we think they are. That is important.

The second thought was that Trump's win reinforced those of us on the right who affirm legal conservative change within the democracy, against those on the far right who have given up on democracy and prefer radical revolution as the means to change.

The third thought, a bit more arcane, was the thought that the conservative rallying cry eventually needs to be "order within evolution," with order as the protector of evolution and freedom. Conservatism needs to be more than maintaining the status quo. Change means more than cultural change. Change is more deeply based in genetic changes, which require the time and stability of conservatism in order to advance positive rather than negative mutations.

Finally, an ethnopluralism of protected ethnostates is the real political destination of conservatism. Trump's America, Brexit England, Putin's Russia, Le Pen's France, we are all evolving in the material world toward Godhood, which is the deepest reason for change within conservatism.

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