Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Revitalizing the Philosophy of Nature (reblog from Oct. 19 2010)

Upside Down
Unlike Hegel's worship of the Idea, which places nature lower than the Idea of nature, evolution, in my view, brings nature back to religion and philosophy, and places the Idea as secondary to the Natural Living Object. Evolution is the engine of the philosophy of nature.
When the Idea is made God, as in Hegel (and Plato), and as in many religions, at least on the esoteric level, then Nature is wrongly seen as less than the Idea of nature, nature is seen as the “self-degradation of the Idea,” as Hegel sees it. 
I see the Idea as the “degradation” of the Natural Living Object, since I see Godhood not as mere Logos or the Idea-In-Itself but as the Supreme Natural Object, or Objects, evolved to  in the cosmos, of which the Idea can only be secondary.

This Great Spiritual Blockade of nature by religion and philosophy needs to be transformed and is in theological materialism

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