Monday, November 07, 2016

There is no metaphysical equality

We are trapped in a web of definitions signifying nothing. It should be made clear that the great damage done by the concept of political equality was initiated by the concept of "metaphysical equality."

Egalitarianism is hucksterism, although some of the hucksters don't realize they are hucksters. Metaphysical equality is based only on a concept, a definition, an impression or a religious experience of God in the human intuitive mind, which was sought by virtually all the founders of religion.

Philosophy did the same in defining "Being" and the "Absolute" as entirely non-material. But there is no metaphysical equality in God any more than there is material equality in life. Does this lead to the rejection of Godhood? No, not when Godhood is understood as a material or supermaterial living object or objects evolved to in the material world.

We can see the good sense of affirming equal opportunity, but equal opportunity does not guarantee equal results. How can we save the real world from the great damage done to religious and political life by the false equality initiated by religion, philosophy, Marxism, and modern liberalism?

In the philosophy of theological materialism it is the material world that evolves to supermaterial Godhood. Why reject the very material means of attaining Godhood? This also has the added benefit of conservatively retaining past religion as we move toward the future, avoiding radical revolution which rarely improves anything.

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