Friday, November 11, 2016

Regarding the protesters: some people are not capable of democracy

The British were capable of making democracy work, and their cousins in America, the Swedes also, but the Russians and Chinese not so much, and the Africans have always preferred dictators.

The police are capable of democracy in upholding the "rights" of protesters against president elect Donald Trump, even though the protesters are shutting down freeway systems and generally gumming up the gears of democracy. If the police were the fascists the protesters say they are the protesters would have disappeared from sight.

These big differences are one of the main reasons why an ethnopluralism of ethnostates is the natural political way to make the world work as harmoniously as is humanly possible. Even democratic republics can make it happen, if they have a constitutional separation of powers and states, as in the United States, with perhaps only a few amendments.

It is also possible we may have a non-democratic left or right Caesarism first, depending on who controls the chaos.

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