Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Biology is the missing link in conservative religious and political philosophy

First of all, contrary to the paleoconservatives---who are the real conservatives---conservatism is an ideology, a system of ideas and ideals as visionary at theorizing economic or political theory as liberal and Marxist ideology have been. Conservatives attack liberals because liberals say they depend on science only to build their perfect society, but conservatives in reality also seek a perfect society---and they could use a little science in their ideology.

Biology is the missing link in conservative (and of course liberal) religious and political philosophy, which has created a detachment from reality and from real human nature. Both religion and political philosophy have drifted away from biology, or sociobiology, and never fully recognized the implications of the biology origin of most social behavior. 

In politically philosophy we need to recognize fully that group-selection and ethnocentrism remain central to basic human nature. This logically and instinctively leads to an ethnopluralism of ethnostates. At least in America the constitutional separation of powers and states can remain and be slightly amended to accommodate ethnostates. These changes do not reject conservative politics they transform it.

In religion this leads to theological materialism: the God or Father within of the Inward Path can conservatively remain as the first glimpse of the real Godhood reached through the Outward Path of material evolution. The great correction of conservatism in religion does not require radical revolution but a transformation of conservatism into seeing real Godhood as supermaterial, not spiritual, and evolved to in material evolution. Science can be a big help in this correction, but not the sole source of knowledge.

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