Tuesday, November 22, 2016

We have preferred ideas that have little or no connection to action or reality

Ideas have unbalanced or blocked the reality of material or supermaterial Godhood, which is evolved to in the material world.

Ideas have nearly destroyed life. Religion did this before philosophy did this. Before "Being" or the "Absolute" there was the non-material spiritual idea of God.

But it's never too late, we need to come back to life on earth, which has the sacred duty as well as the ability to evolve beyond the earth all the way to Godhood.

We have to begin soon. Arthur Koestler said in Darkness at Noon, "Every wrong idea we follow is a crime committed against future generations." But it is the worship of ideas themselves alone that is the crime.

Next comes the worship of technology, artificial intelligence, etc, but that's another subject.

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