Sunday, November 06, 2016

A Lasting Foundation for Education

The decline of education requires more than going back to Western classical studies. It requires bringing sociobiology into the humanities. That is, "the scientific study of the biological aspects of social behavior in animals and humans,"(Oxford Dictionary). Math and languages are not the foundation of the sciences and humanities, sociobiology is.

We have developed intellectuals without wisdom, genius-impersonators, like white liberals trying to sing Black blues, or black blues singers impersonating white intellectuals. Colleges used to provide a blind selection process, now they select for equality in line with the prevailing cultural Marxism.

How does this end? Do we have to go back again to warriors and then work up from that stoic source? That happened with the ancient Greeks and Romans.

I know where I would like it to go:

First we ground the humanities in sociobiology.
This logically and instinctively leads to a real definition of human nature, which logically and instinctively leads to an ethnopluralism of evolving ethnostates.
Then we see that biology is evolving upward toward Godhood, with starts and stops along the way.
Then we help evolution along the way toward Godhood.
Then---if I may use a most political incorrect German word---we have Gesamtkunstwerk!
Not just a work of art that makes use of all art forms, but a religious/philosophical/scientific/artistic work combing all the fields.

Does that scare you or give you hope? It gives me hope. It's what I call a lasting foundation for education, for all groups.

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