Friday, November 18, 2016

The exploitation of good and evil

Both Nietzsche and Freud had big things to say about good and evil, with Nietzsche finding the will-to-power at the root of claims of good and evil and Freud finding sex. But both power and sex are grounded in human biological drives, and those drives have been grounded in the group-selection of ethnocentrism, which has been successful for humans in survival and reproduction, and is a basic part of real human nature.

For example, we have had German and Jewish ethnocentrism charging anti-Semitism and anti-Germanism toward each other, while advancing their own ethnocentrism. The Jews have played this dangerous game for centuries underground leading to periodic pograms, and the Germans tried it more openly leading to World War Two and their defeat.

It must be almost time to bring good and evil, power an sex, and ethnocentrism in from the cold. But not by using the tactic of claiming the Other as evil as a tactic to advance ones own group. The world has become too populated with dangerously competing groups to hide the real motives and real forces behind human behavior.

Theological materialism finds an even deeper drive than short term biological success or ethnocentrism. The root and reason behind these ancient forces is the drive of life to evolve in the material world toward supermaterial Godhood. This religious philosophy does not exploit good and evil by playing the same game of calling materialism evil while advancing one "good" religion against other "evil" religions.

What is finally needed is the open advancement of an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, with each protected by some sort of federalism. Then the forces behind the evolution of life toward Godhood can ground human behavior even deeper than power, sex or biological drives, and good and evil can be less exploited and transvalued back to reality. "Internationalism" might then be seen in international research centers for helping the various ethnic groups and ethnic states evolve in the best way, together, toward Godhood.

And humans do need to be thought of as capable of saving themselves.

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