Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Something has to be done about the power of the Big Media

Something has to be done about the power of the Big Media, which is once again deeply meddling and using lies and dirty tricks in the process of president elect Donald Trump choosing his cabinet.

Obviously we need to reinstate media ownership rules that curb the domination of the media by a few corporations, and we need to encourage a much wider range of ownership of media. But any move such as this is smeared as limiting freedom of the press, when it would really do the opposite.

Back in the 1980's 50 corporations controlled a majority of American media. By 2012 that number was six, mainly due to ending a rule preventing companies from owning a newspaper and radio and TV stations in the same city.

With what we see now going on in the Big Media in America and the West it is easy to see why the first thing dictators do is take control of the Media. Is that what we want? Is that the only way to curb the obscene power of the Big Media which is now dictating to America the culture it prefers? I hope not.

Could Trump take up this cause? It would be as important as reinstalling economic nationalism.

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