Saturday, June 03, 2017

The main reason why conservatives are more ideological than than say they are

The main reason why I have been saying that conservatives are more ideological than than say they are is because they did not emphasize conserving the biological and genetic heritage of the West but emphasized conserving the Western humanists tradition from Socrates to Tocqueville; this was perhaps based in the non-material emphasis of religion.

Conserving the best of the Western humanist tradition is important but not as important as conserving the best of the biological and genetic heritage from which Western civilization derived. The essence of a living thing is not ideology, it is the material/biological/genetic activation within life to successfully evolve toward real Godhood. 

The evolutionary sciences leading up the the sociobiology of the great E.O.Wilson have been largely missing from the conservative mind, with only a few exceptions (I think of Samuel Francis and Thomas Fleming). William Buckley and others read the ethnocentrism of real human nature out of the conservative movement, along with rejecting Pat Buchanan who barely even believes in evolution.

This preference toward ideology over biology has almost doomed conservatism, which is why I believe the refinement of conservatism is now necessary. Revolution is not necessary. It won't be easy because conserving the biological and genetic heritage of distinctly different ethnic groups now competing within America and the West means that the constitutional separation of powers and states will eventually need to  include an ethnopluralism of ethnostates---if we don't want the West to break apart in chaos.

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