Thursday, June 01, 2017

Resolving errors of metaphysics and philosophy in theological materialism

The academic world, which has educated modern liberalism, teaches that all culture and politics are essentially driven by a relative will-to-power, but all behavior is then geared toward gaining power for mostly minority groups and individuals. This view defines truth, goodness, beauty and even God as the relativity of powers attained.

On the other side is the conservatives/traditionalists who teach that the end-goal is not relative power, the end-goal is non-material/spiritual Godhood. This defines for them truth, goodness, beauty and God.

The third way of theological materialism sees those two as misdirected errors in metaphysics and philosophy. The world has the sacred goal of evolving in the material world toward supermaterial Godhood, which is not a relative or a spiritual goal. This is the direction and meaning of life, truth, goodness, beauty, and Godhood. The God of religion is retained but transformed from the spiritual to the material/supermaterial. The will-to-power of postmodern philosophy is acknowledged but given a sacred and real end-goal.

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