Saturday, June 10, 2017

Some challenges in developing an ethnopluralism of ethnostates

It is the affirmation of the sociobiological view of human nature that leads almost naturally to seeing the good sense in developing an ethnopluralism of ethnostates. That is, as often repeated in this blog, human nature remains gender different, age-graded, marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, religion-making, group-selecting, and other typically traditional traits. Cultures can operate for a time with behavior that goes against this human nature, with such experiments as Marxism, but culture is always eventually pulled back by the biological and genetic leash of real human nature to cultures that better reflect real human nature.

There are of course challenges in developing an ethnopluralism of ethnostates within the U.S., but the constitutional separation of powers and states, created by our Founders, can lend itself well to ethnostates, perhaps with a few amendments---I doubt if the Founders thought our nation would be multicultural and multiracial. One of the challenges will be the ethnic enclaves that have developed within large cities, which are distinctly different ethnically and racially from the majority living outside the enclaves, brought on by the failed experiment of multicultural cities. Multicultural cities didn't fail because of evil racists, they failed because they did not reflect the human nature mentioned above. Ethnostates would have worked better. We always fall back on trusted kinship and ethnic groups in any case no matter what the philosophers tell us.

Migration of minority ethnic groups to ethnostates better reflecting their own group would be the first choice. Incentives could be offered, but this wouldn't be as difficult as it may sound since people do prefer to live with their own kind. The second choice would be to devolve power to the ethnic enclaves within cities, making them ethnostates with great autonomy. Federalism and subsidiary could protect the whole, inside and outside, independence would be affirmed... But we need to be open to new ideas in dealing with the challenges of developing an ethnopluralism of ethnostates.

Perhaps it is time, as someone wisely said, to let the ethnic differences which have torn us apart, put us back together again.

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