Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Distinctly different models of beauty

"Beauty" can be defined as the best model of the particular species or subspecies, beauty is not "universal," not equal, and not noncompetitive. It's the "idea" of beauty among philosophers that takes off on its own away from the realm of reality.

Like most of modern culture our beauty contests are drunk with the unreality of equality, universalism, and non-competition, based on the false utopian idea that we are all the same.

Beneath the charade of people and groups demanding equality is the truth that groups are really demanding not equality but superiority. And here is the politically incorrect news: it reflects basic human nature to seek superiority not equality. But this reality does not call for a politics and culture of supremacy with one group lording it over another, if anything it calls for the natural separations of ethnopluralism.

When blacks hold beauty contests for blacks-only they are following the natural track of seeking the best real models of beauty for their specific ethnic group, or subspecies. This would be courageous and refreshing if blacks allowed the subspecies of whites to do the same thing without negatively calling them "racist."

"Multiculturalism" was the ridiculous attempt to get distinctly different ethnic groups to live in the same space under the Utopian universal ideas of cultural Marxism. And so we now have such things as absurd beauty contests between apples and oranges. This has clearly not worked as our cities increasingly erupt with racially motivated disruptions.

The challenge is to find a way to allow real beauty to be defined relating to distinctly different models of beauty. This is where developing an ethnopluralism of ethnostates comes in, which in the U.S. could be conservatively developed from the foundation of the constitutional separation of powers and states.

If there is anything universal it is the inside activation of life to evolve toward Godhood in the material world, working along with outside evolutionary selection---and evolution works best with variety.

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