Monday, June 19, 2017

The main problem with leadership today

I think it was a Marine defense leader who said that morality is the main source of real leadership decisions. "Style" comes in as how you present your moral decisions.

Demagogues seem to be all style and no morality seeking selfish power by simulating morality.

Religion, culture, education traditionally helped develop the morality with which leaders would later make decisions. But we have been dominated by postmodernism in our cultural institutions which teach a relativity of all values.

We now have libertarian capitalists and non-judgmental progressive liberals, and both have no real morality other than believing in a a relativity of values, therefore they are not real moral leaders.

And so we have the great mess of modern Western culture. The moral relativity of so-called high-culture elites is copied by the moral relativity of pop culture, and then promoted by a powerful and corrupt Media, which has its own selfish agenda.

This decay may doom us, but in any case it needs to change if the West is to rise again.

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