Sunday, June 18, 2017

Watching misfits and freaks march by on their way to shutting down a major freeway

Watching misfits and freaks march by on their way to shutting down a major freeway in response to a policeman being acquitted by a jury for shooting and killing a black man, I recalled Chilton Williamson's estimate that 50 percent of the American population who make up the Democratic Party are represented by those freaks and misfits. 50 percent! I suppose that would include the limousine liberals who were brainwashed in elite colleges to talk like modern liberals but actually live conservatively.

How did we get into this big mess? It was the result of the Big Media, the Academic world, and Big Government liberals who propagandized and brainwashed the public, after they had marched through all of our social institutions. But of course it was the few chosen elite who led this march who benefited most, not the freaks, misfits, or the rest of the healthier population.

The temptation of course is to mount a radical undemocratic counter revolution to take back our institutions by force, but if we are conservatives we see the longer-term wisdom of using only legal and constitutional means of change.

But we do need a new approach within conservatism, a deeper conservatism, based on adapting the constitutional separation of powers and states to include an ethnopluralism of regions and ethnostates. The nation will most likely break apart into this natural configuration in any case, either chaotically or rationally, since real human nature supports it, and real human nature always historically leads to traditional kin-centered, and yes, ethnocentric states and regions reforming out of decayed empires...I don't believe there is a better way to save America.

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