Saturday, June 24, 2017

The default political unit is ethnostates, not empire

I think it was Chronicles magazine which suggested that the default political unit is empire. I disagree. The default political unit is ethnostates or an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, perhaps with some sort of federalism keeping the peace.

Historians debate about this, but when real human nature is included in the debate, which includes the biological origin of much of our social behavior, then ethnostates and ethnopluralism can be seen as the natural default political unit.

Human nature remains kin-centered, ethnocentric, and locally grounded, and these traits evolved within human nature even before we became humans and remain with us today, even if this definition is buried. As E.O. Wilson said, it's as if we are on a leash of human nature which always pulls us back to what we really are.

This perspective on history is mainly denied, or not even mentioned, especially since the battles with fascism of WWII, after which real human nature was buried by the politically correctness of a relativistic cultural Marxism and amoral global capitalism, who opposed one another but not on empire---and both were against the viability of ethnostates.

And so whether historians agree or not, this is where the decadent empires of today are headed, one way or another. I say we should be prepared to welcome it.  In the U. S. we can even conservatively adapt the constitutionally separation of powers and states to an ethnopluralism of ethnostates.

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