Monday, June 26, 2017

Using postmodernism to dismantle postmodernism

While reading a Jon Cassidy review in the June 2017 "Chronicles" (Scandalous Education) it occurred to me that those who oppose postmodernism, critical theory and cultural Marxism, which now dominate our universities, can use the same phony philosophy against them.

Agreeing with the postmodernists, for the sake of the argument, that whites or white males oppressed other groups, this has changed and now whites (and Asians?) are being oppressed by the postmodernists. Whites are blocked in humanities departments, but also remember the recent campus lectures forcefully stopped through rioting?

The just and rational way to deal with these oppressions of one group by another is to agree that culture is a superstructure created not by evil oppressors, as Marx said, but by the natural biological origin of most of our social behavior, which seeks survival and reproductive success for various distinctively different groups, including minorities, gays, females, and yes even whites.

You solve this competitive problem not by trying to force human nature to be what it is not, as the Marxism of postmodernism does in demanding absolute equality, but by allowing each group its own region, state and locality where it can pursue its own distinctive superstructure of culture. This can bring whatever real harmony is possible given human nature.

Conservatives in the U. S. can be assuaged by accomplishing this through the adaptation of the constitutional separation of powers and states.

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