Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize speech

Where did Bob Dylan pick up that black hipster accent, he was born and raised in northern Minnesota---and why? One would think authenticity would be important to him. But the man and his songs have always been a phony act, even though he managed to write a few simple good songs within that ridiculous black hipster act---when he started out it was more of a bad hillbilly accent.

In his speech (here) he attempts to link his song-writing to Moby Dick and the Odyssey. Why do people let him get away with this crap? I suppose the relativity of values which rules does not concern itself with the truth or falsehood of Bob Dylan, his songs, or his lefty politics---and phony Dylan knows how to ride that phony train.

And they gave him the Nobel Prize in Literature! That must be the end of that award meaning anything of value.

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