Thursday, June 15, 2017

The way of real conservatism in the future

Conservatives are too liberal in what they center on conserving. Living people need to be conserved if we wish to conserve the cultures people create.

Both conservatives and liberals center on conserving cultural ideas more than people, even though conservatives claim to be against ideology.

The ideology of multiculturalism has jammed together different people with different cultures in the same space and told them all to get along by following the same politically correct multicultural ideology. This has increasingly led to social disruptions.

It has been politically incorrect on the left and the right to even speak of conserving specific people or specific ethnic groups who in fact create specific cultures.

Is there a way out of this political mess, which has been good (in the short term) for a few specific people and groups at the expense of everyone else?

Conservatives have the political tool in the constitutional separation of powers and states, which has been increasingly losing to the growth of Big Government and globalist control.

The constitutional separation of powers and states needs not only to be fought for but legally expanded toward an ethnopluralism of ethnostates within the regions and states of America, balanced by federalism and subsidiary.

That is the way to actually conserve people and therefore conserve the cultures people create.

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