Monday, June 05, 2017

Lost in the wisdom of Rock

Of course it's nice to give a benefit concert for the victims of the Islamic terrorists in London, but if  you think about it, that's like satanists giving a benefit concert for Christian martyrs. What is more decadent and degenerate than the world of Rock?

The West is so far gone it doesn't even realize this. And of course the corrupt Big Media across the Western world have no intention of telling the people how inept they are at defending themselves.

Do they want a Western police state of cultural Marxism? It seems so. If the West would have gotten the hell out of the hell of the middle east it would have solved most of these problems. Who is keeping us there? Who benefits?

The people of the United States voted for Donald Trump because he endlessly said he would bring the troops home, protect our borders, and renew America. We are still waiting for that to begin.  So we put our discs on and get lost in the wisdom of Rock.

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