Sunday, June 25, 2017

A slightly optimistic view of the future

I suppose it's rational to say that people and governments aren't rational. We can't seem to change or even improve Big Government programs, say, health care, until the programs fall apart because we can't borrow any more money to run them.

The same goes for most actions to change Big Government, say, giving power back to the states as the constitution originally intended.

And the deepest improvement, of gradually, constitutionally, inclining the states toward being ethnostates, to harmonize with kin-centered and ethnocentric real human nature, is also not happening as it rationally could, and this most likely will not happen until the nation nearly falls apart with civil and ethnic strife.

This does not seem like an optimistic view of human behavior, but it is if you stretch the definition a bit and see that human history has always moved from natural ethnostates and ethnopluralism to big empires which naturally fall apart and then move back to ethnostates.

The drawback to this fatalist view is that it can cause people to wait for the inevitable and do nothing. But a new structure needs to be mostly built and in place when the old structure falls, so continuing work is needed.

That doesn't quite satisfy, but it's realistic.

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