Sunday, June 04, 2017

The terrorists have opened our eyes when our politicians could not

It often seems like the truth and reality are permanently buried. The eyes of the West are being opened now, but not by our professors, not by our journalists, not by our politicians, but by the continuing attacks of the Islamic terrorists.

The truth is being revealed that the West has been too passive, too liberal, too politically correct, too effeminate, to defend itself against the terrorists.

Our decadent and passive leaders, and a brainwashed public, still cannot rise even to stop the immigration of terrorists into the West.

What happens next? Will populist/nationalism continue to rise? Will militant Marxism reappear? Will dictatorial fascism come again? Will Western imperialism continue?  Will Eastern imperialism rise? Populist/nationalism in the West seems to be the favorite at this point. 

President Trump at least seemed like he was going in that direction, with big enemies against him, but he has been looking neoconservative and globalist lately, so where he is going is not coherent.

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