Saturday, June 17, 2017

We do not meditate or pray our way to Godhood

I am unable to use either the realist or nominalist arguments in ontology or epistemology, they are all mixed up together, half right and half wrong.

Godhood, truth, beauty, goodness, do exist outside of the mind, they do not exist in the mind only, but they are not spirituals or universals.

We do not meditate or pray our way to Godhood, which is only a blissful experience in the mind only, we evolve in the outside material world to supermaterial Godhood, if we are lucky.

Godhood, truth, beauty, goodness are the attributes and attainments of living things evolved to in the real outside material world---objects are far more important than the definitions of objects.

This is also the way we can bring religion and science together, that is, under the philosophical naturalism as seen in theological materialism, although we do not yet admit this because naturalists are also lost in mere words regarding truth and Godhood, but less so than theologians or philosophers.

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