Thursday, June 22, 2017

Which future will we choose?

Whether or not the Russians interfered in our last presidential election, the fact that this can be done with cyber technology certainly undermines faith in democratic systems, which have enough problems working anyway. 

The least we should do is reaffirm our original democratic republic, where ultimate power rests in citizens who are entitled to vote to elect representatives to wield that power, whereas in direct democracies, which we have drifted into, people vote on policy directly. Democratic republics are probably as close as we can come in the modern world to aristocracies, that is, rule by the best, ideally chosen from merit. 
After we restore the democratic republic that our Founders preferred, we can work on creating an ethnopluralism of ethnostates in America, more in line with real ethnocentric human nature, which the Founders didn't anticipate, not foreseeing the now violent competitions between distinctly different ethnic groups within the nation. All this can be done conservatively and legally by affirming, but adapting, the constitutional separation of powers and states.
Otherwise democracy will fade simply because it no longer works, and the natural need for order which is required to live healthy lives could choose an undemocratic Marxism or fascism. Which future will we choose?

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