Thursday, July 21, 2016

Why Ted Cruz cannot forgive and forget

I don't think Ted Cruz can help it that he was not magnanimous in refusing to endorse Donald Trump last night at the Republican convention. Cruz cannot forgive and forget.

I know it is politically incorrect to say so, but the qualities of being a magnanimous gentleman derive from both nature and nurture and were especially strong in traditional Northern European and North Asian cultures. This behavior was evolved in difficult cold conditions, which were not the same in southern climates, such as the Cuban background of Cruz. No one is right or wrong in these different social attitudes, they are just differences.

(This is another reason why an ethnopluralism of separate ethnic regions and states is more harmonious with human nature than trying to jam distinctly different ethnic cultures together into the same space and expect them to get along well.)

Add to this non-magnanimous behavior the highly irritating self-satisfied preacher-man cadences of Cruz, which seem phony probably because he is trying to emulate his preacher-man father.

Then there is the deeper and perhaps more serious Christian ideology of Cruz, which in this case trumps the reality of successful survival in the world. I'm not against Christianity but against the Cruz version of it. If followed, Cruz, and his neoconservative buddies---who also never forgive or forget---would allow the West to continue its decline.

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