Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The DNC spectacle of the miseducated and brainwashed

Last night shifty Bill Clinton attempted to claim that Hillary is more “real” than Trump, which showed us what he is really worried about. But Clinton believes that stuff!

It is really astounding to realize that millions of Americans have been miseducated and brainwashed in college. Almost any American who has not been taught cultural Marxism in college is politically wiser than college educated modern liberals.

And minority groups should be too hip to have been conned by the liberals into believing that the liberals have the best solutions to their problems. 

Then there are the show-business fools at the convention who prove that acting talent has little to do with political talent. People are actually charmed and influenced by actors like, say, Johnny Depp, who has never been seen not stoned.

The big question is, will the populists have enough votes to elect Donald Trump. It may be their last chance.

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